Task Oriented Communication
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The Graduate Program Task Oriented Communication brought together graduate students from two faculties. The program was funded from April, 1996 to March, 2006.

The goal for its educational and scientific program was to generate a close connection between specially chosen areas in the linguistic and computer science department.

The combination of natural verbal communication, perception, and action in practical task domains was in the center of the graduate program.

International Workshop on Processes of Communication, February 10th+11th 2005

PDF (1.7M)
(PDF 1.7M,
in German)
A step towards the "publicly-understandable" science: The graduate program's students present their research projects

The 25th edition of the Forschungsmagazin is exclusively composed of articles from the graduate program's students.

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(Final report of
GK in German)
Abschlussbericht Graduiertenkolleg Aufgabenorientierte Kommunikation

The final report of the Graduate Program Task Oriented Communication for the German Research Foundation.

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