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Ipke Wachsmuth, Martin Fröhlich (Eds.)

Gesture and Sign-Language in Human-Computer Interaction

International Gesture Workshop Bielefeld, Germany, September, 1997 Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 1371
Pages XI + 309
Springer-Verlag 1998
ISBN 3-540-64424-5
List Price: DM 74.00 - US$ 55.00

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Table of Reviewers

Table of Contents

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About the Book

In the work on humanizing computer interaction, gesture and sign language have become a recent focus in advanced interface design. Artificial intelligence, neural networks, pattern recognition, and agent techniques are all having a significant impact on this area of research. Resulting from a three-day international workshop, held at Bielefeld University's Center for Interdisciplinary Research in September 1997, this book presents state-of-the-art contributions comprising gesture and sign- language recognition and synthesis, gesture semiotics, gesture and speech integration, and applications. The book can serve as a timely and comprehensive reference for researchers in any of the related disciplines, as well as for practitioners concerned with putting gesture and sign language to work in computer interfaces. It could further be of use as a supplementary text for courses on multimodal human-computer interaction.

Table of Reviewers

Monica Bordegoni Università di Parma
Annelies Braffort LIMSI - CNRS France
Christophe Collet LIMSI - CNRS France
Holk Cruse University of Bielefeld
Franz Dotter University of Klagenfurt
Alistair Edwards University of York
Martin Fröhlich University of Bielefeld
Rachid Gherbi LIMSI - CNRS France
Hermann Hienz Aachen University of Technology
Caroline Hummels Delft University of Technology
Sotaro Kita Max-Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Thierry Lebourque LIMSI - CNRS France
Shan Lu Communications Research Lab, MPT Japan
Shuichi Nobe Aoyama Gakuin University Japan
Marilyn Panayi City University London
James Richardson Université Paris-Sud
Helge Ritter University of Bielefeld
David Roy European Commission Brussels
Ipke Wachsmuth University of Bielefeld

Table of Contents

Invited Papers

Research Challenges in Gesture: Open Issues and Unsolved Problems, page 1
Alan Wexelblat

Progress in Sign Language Recognition, page 13
Alistair D.N. Edwards

Semiotics of Gesture and Movement

Movement Phases in Signs and Co-speech Gestures, and Their Transcription by Human Coders, page 23
Sotaro Kita, Ingeborg van Gijn, and Harry van der Hulst

Classifying Two Dimensional Gestures in Interactive Systems, page 37
Axel Kramer

Are Listeners Paying Attention to the Hand Gestures of an Anthropomorphic Agent? An Evaluation Using a Gaze Tracking Method, page 49
Shuichi Nobe, Satoru Hayamizu, Osamu Hasegawa, and Hideaki Takahashi

Gesture-Based and Haptic Interaction for Human Skill Acquisition, page 61
Monica Bordegoni and Franco De Angelis

Hidden Markov Models

High Performance Real-Time Gesture Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models, page 69
Gerhard Rigoll, Andreas Kosmala, and Stefan Eickeler

Velocity Profile Based Recognition of Dynamic Gestures with Discrete Hidden Markov Models, page 81
Frank G. Hofmann, Peter Heyer, and Günter Hommel

Video-Based Sign Language Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models, page 97 Marcell Assan and Kirsti Grobel

Motion Analysis and Synthesis

Corpus of 3D Natural Movements and Sign Language Primitives of Movement, page 111
Sylvie Gibet, James Richardson, Thierry Lebourque, and Annelies Braffort

On the Use of Context and A Priori Knowledge in Motion Analysis for Visual Gesture Recognition, page 123
Karin Husballe Munk and Erik Granum

Automatic Estimation of Body Regions from Video Images, page 135
Hermann Hienz and Kirsti Grobel

Rendering Gestures as Line Drawings, page 147
Frank Godenschweger, Thomas Strothotte, and Hubert Wagener

Techniques for Multimodal Interfaces

Investigating the Role of Redundancy in Multimodal Input Systems, page 159
Karen McKenzie Mills and James L. Alty

Gesture Recognition of the Upper Limbs - From Signal to Symbol, page 173
Martin Fröhlich and Ipke Wachsmuth

Exploiting Distant Pointing Gestures for Object Selection in a Virtual Environment, page 185
Marc Erich Latoschik and Ipke Wachsmuth

An Intuitive Two-Handed Gestural Interface for Computer Supported Product Design, page 197
Caroline Hummels, Gerda Smets, and Kees Overbeeke

Neural Network Methods

Detection of Fingertips in Human Hand Movement Sequences, page 209
Claudia Nölker and Helge Ritter

Neural Architecture for Gesture-Based Human-Machine-Interaction, page 219
Hans-Joachim Boehme, Anja Brakensiek, Ulf-Dietrich Braumann, Markus Krabbes, and Horst-Michael Gross

Robotic Gesture Recognition, page 233
Jochen Triesch and Christoph von der Malsburg

Image Based Recognition of Gaze Directions Using Adaptive Methods, page 245
Axel Christian Varchmin, Robert Rae, and Helge Ritter


Towards a Dialogue System Based on Recognition and Synthesis of Japanese Sign Language, page 259
Shan Lu, Seiji Igi, Hideaki Matsuo, and Yuji Nagashima

The Recognition Algorithm with Non-contact for Japanese Sign Language Using Morphological Analysis, page 273
Hideaki Matsuo, Seiji Igi, Shan Lu, Yuji Nagashima, Yuji Takata, and Terutaka Teshima

Special Topics of Gesture Recognition Applied in Intelligent Home Environments, page 285
Markus Kohler

BUILD-IT: An Intuitive Design Tool Based on Direct Object Manipulation, page 297
Morten Fjeld, Martin Bichsel, and Matthias Rauterberg

Author Index

Alty, J.L., 159
Assan, M., 97

Bichsel, M., 297
Boehme, H.-J., 219
Bordegoni, M., 61
Braffort, A., 111
Brakensiek, A., 219
Braumann, U.-D., 219

De Angelis, F., 61

Edwards, A.D.N., 13
Eickeler, S., 69

Fjeld, M., 297
Fröhlich, M., 173

Gibet, S., 111
Gijn, I. van, 23
Godenschweger, F., 147
Granum, E., 123
Grobel, K., 97, 135
Gross, H.-M., 219

Hasegawa, O., 49
Hayamizu, S., 49
Heyer, P., 81
Hienz, H., 135
Hofmann, F.G., 81
Hommel, G., 81
Hulst, H. van der, 23
Hummels, C., 197

Igi, S., 259, 273

Kita, S., 23
Kohler, M., 285
Kosmala, A., 69
Krabbes, M., 219
Kramer, A., 37

Latoschik, M.E., 185
Lebourque, T., 111
Lu, S., 259, 273

Malsburg, C. von der, 233
Matsuo, H., 259, 273
McKenzie Mills, K., 159
Munk, K. Husballe, 123

Nagashima, Y., 259, 273
Nobe, S., 49
N\366lker, C., 209

Overbeeke, K., 197

Rae, R., 245
Rauterberg, M., 297
Richardson, J., 111
Rigoll, G., 69
Ritter, H., 209, 245

Smets, G., 197
Strothotte, T., 147

Takahashi, H., 49
Takata, Y., 273
Teshima, T., 273
Triesch, J., 233

Varchmin, A.C., 245

Wachsmuth, I., 173, 185
Wagener, H., 147
Wexelblat, A., 1

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