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Help for the Attendance Intention Form

Please note, that we have to use the information you delivered with the Attendance Intention Form for all communication with you. We prefere e-mail for quick requests and answers but we will have to mail the registration form via postal services. So make sure we have all information needet for your complete address.

As an example, considering:

Mr Donald E. Xample
University of Dreemland
Department of Imagination PO box 69 D-33618 Some City dex@im.dl.ak.net


If you can read this, you might have an e-mail address that looks like: <username>@<mail-host>. In our example: dex@im.dl.ak.net [For more information about e-mail see internet RFC 822]

Authors: Martin Fröhlich, Ipke Wachsmuth Comments welcome

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