Welcome to the Social Cognitive Systems group
We are a research group in CITEC and a work group of the Faculty of Technology.

How does the social mind work? How can cognitive systems become socially adept interaction partners? We develop computational accounts to endow interactive systems like virtual agents, avatars or robots with the needed behavioral or cognitive skills. Those are realized and tested in different scenarios of human-machine interaction, assistance, and cooperation.

Our current research projects focus on
  • Cognitive mechanisms of multimodal communication (speech, gesture)
  • Bayesian models of prediction and adaptation in dialogue
  • Mental simulation and situated language processing
  • Incremental processing in integrated conversational systems
  • Applications like virtual assistants or tutoring systems

News [archive]

  • Examns on GKK can be inspected on July 24, at 1pm in room 2.015
  • Two papers on work in the CITEC projects ICSPACE and FAMULA accepted at SemDIAL
  • Two papers, one of which with colleagues from VU Amsterdam, accepted at GESPIN
  • Stefan to serve as publication chair of ACM ICMI 2016 (Japan)
  • Stefan joined the Editorial Board of Cognition, a specialty of Frontiers in Psychology
  • Paper with colleagues from VU Amsterdam on the multi-functionality of gestures accepted by journal GESTURE
  • News release on the KOMPASS project
  • 1 long paper, 2 short papers, and 2 posters will be presented at IVA 2015 (Delft)


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