Formerly Sociable Agents Group Sociable Agents
How can cognitive systems become socially able interaction partners? Combining empirical study and computational modelling, we try to elucidate the behavioral and cognitive mechanisms that shape the human ability for social interaction. Results are applied and tested in robots, virtual humans, avatars and other interactive systems in novel human-computer interaction scenarios.

Currently, our main focus lies on dynamic coordination, anticipation and adaptation in multimodal conversational interactions. Check out our research projects here.

News [archive]

  • We are now a research group in the Faculty of Technology and have changed our name to Social Cognitive Systems
  • Stefan appointed associate editor of Frontiers in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Participation in public fishbowl discussion "Mensch, Maschine!"
  • Papers accepted at SemDIAL, EACL and KogWis 2014.
  • Nikita Mattar joined the group as Postdoc research staff - welcome!
  • Deutschland Radio Kultur story Die Avatare tanzen lassen about our work