Welcome to the Social Cognitive Systems group (formerly Sociable Agents)

We are a research group in CITEC and a work group in the Faculty of Technology. We explore what it takes for cognitive systems to become socially intelligent interaction partners. In particular we are interested in the behavioral and cognitive mechanisms that underpin human abilities for social interaction, and we try to endow robots, virtual humans, avatars or other interactive systems with similar skills to enable novel human-machine interaction scenarios.

Current research projects focus on

  • Cognitive models of multimodal communication with speech and gesture
  • Bayesian models of prediction and adaptation in dialogue
  • Mental simulation and situated language processing
  • Incremental architectures for integrated conversational systems
  • Applications like virtual assistants or tutoring systems
For details please see our research projects.

News [archive]

  • News release on KogniHome and Billie
  • Amir graduated Oct 17 with summa cum laude!
  • 2nd Best Paper Award at KogWis 2014 to our paper on speech-gesture info distribution
  • Stefan handed over the position of chairman of the German CogSci Society and is now on its Advisory Board
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