GrKK-Workshop `Intentional Control of Thought'

27th -28th June 1997, Hamburg

FRIDAY, 27th June

0900-1015: Ronald Huebner, Braunschweig: Concurrent attention shifts
between cognitive tasks and between stimulus features: Are their costs

1015-1030: Coffeebreak

1030-1130: Rainer H. Kluwe, Hilde Haider & Stefan Kawski, Hamburg: Effects
of unexpected tasks

1130-1330: Lunch/Coffee

1330-1430: Ulrich Mayr, Potsdam: Sequential control of thought and action:
Dissociations and processes

1430-1445: Coffeebreak

1445-1545: Thomas Goschke, Osnabrueck: Decomposition of shift costs

1545-1645: Stephen Monsell, Cambridge: Costs of task switching: Progress
and problems

1645-1700: Coffeebreak

1700-1800: Jutta Kray, Berlin: Age differences in task switching

SATURDAY, 28th June

0900-1015: Herbert Hagendorf, Berlin: Preparation and execution of
sequences of cognitive operations

1015-1030: Coffeebreak

1030-1130: Dirk Vorberg, Braunschweig: Attentional vs. intentional shifts

1130-1145: Coffeebreak/ Lunch

1145-1245: Rainer Goebel, Frankfurt: The constructive view of vision:
Direct evidence from fMRI and MEG studies of apparent motion and motion

Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Holstenhofweg 85, 22043 Hamburg; Bldg.
H1, Room 301.