13. Februar 1997

European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems: 15th Annual Workshop

Anmerkung des GK-Schriftführers:

Da das Workshop dieser Gesellschaft dieses Jahr in Deutschland stattfindet, bietet es vielleicht für einige GK-Mitglieder eine gute Gelegenheit, die Gesellschaft kennenzulernen.

Organisator Dr. Dalenoort schreibt u.a.: "Characteristic of the meetings of the ESSCS is the multidisciplinary approach, and the relatively low cost of the meetings."


15th ANNUAL WORKSHOP, 1-4 June 1997
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The 15th workshop will take place in Freiburg im Breisgau,
Germany from Monday 2 June, 9 hours (9 a.m.) to Wednesday
4 June in the afternoon, depending on the number of
papers. There will be a welcome party on Sunday 1 June,
from 18.00 hours (6.00 pm.). It will be possible to stay from
Saturday (important for cheap airline tickets).

The aim of the annual workshops is the exchange of knowledge,
information, and opinions on all aspects of cognition and
related topics, with emphasis on exchanges between
different disciplines involved. Papers may be either of a
general kind, or specific, but with sufficient attention for
the general aspects, and understandable for the audience
from a wide variety of disciplines. The following disciplines
belong explicitly to the scope of the workshop:

- psychology (cognitive, developmental), perception,
- artificial intelligence (general aspects),
- associative memory and neural networks, neuroscience,
- linguistics (also computational), disorders of language,
- education and instruction,
- philosophy, history of concepts.

Experimental papers should be placed within a theoretical
framework. Papers accepted for the workshop may be
published in the journal of the ESSCS, 'Cognitive Systems'.

The scientific meetings will take place in the 'Conference Centre
Waldhof', on the outskirts of Freiburg. Accomodation will be
available in convenient single and double rooms. Full accomodation,
including breakfast, lunch, and dinner is DM 100.- per person per
day. A block booking has been made until 1st March 1997.

Freiburg can be reached by train and by car; the
nearest international airport is Basel-Mulhouse (exit via
France, then by German bus in about one hour to Freiburg).

Please send abstracts of papers as soon as possible.
Last-minute participation is possible if room is available,
but the number of papers is limited to 24, and the number
of participants to about 40.

Length of abstracts: between 20 and 40 lines (1-2 kByte), to
be sent by ordinary mail, and possibly also by E-mail.

The fee is  DM 60.-  for members of the ESSCS, and
DM 75.-  (about US$ 45 in Dec. 1996) for others, for
students the fee is DM 30.-. Membership is NLG 25.-
per annum, the Journal (Volume 5) is NLG 80.- for
members, NLG 95.- for others, NLG 140.- for institutions.
(DM 1.- is about NLG 1,13).

For all questions on the Workshop, the Society, and
the Journal, on form and content of papers for the
workshop, and for registration, please write to:

ESSCS (Dr. G.J. Dalenoort)
Dept. of Psychology, University of Groningen
P.O.Box 41 096, 9701 CB  Groningen, The Netherlands.

Telephone Netherlands +31-50-3636448 / 3636454 (or 3636472),
Fax +31-50-3636304
E-mail <G.J.Dalenoort@PPSW.RUG.NL>

Registration form for the 15th Annual Workshop,
1-4 June 1997, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Name (and title)

Full address

I want to present a paper:  yes/no
(provisional) title:

I want accomodation in the conference centre: yes/no

Special wishes

Date of arrival:         (welcome party on 1 June)
Date of leave:

Please enclose a (crossed) cheque of NLG 200,- dated
2 June 1997, made payable to ESSCS, account nr.
4431.44.044 ABN-AMRO-bank, Groningen (it is only to
serve as a guarantee for hotel reservation, you will
receive it back at the workshop, or you may use it for
payment, please notice that for other cheques than
Eurocheques usually costs of about NLG 21.- are involved).

The fee is payable at the workshop.

Please keep a photocopy of this filled-in form.