12. Dezember 1996

2nd European Conference on Cognitive Science (mit verschobenen Einreichungsterminen)

Anmerkung des GK-Schriftführers:

Zu dieser Tagung wurde am 28.11.96 bereits eine Ankündigung über den E-Mail-Verteiler der GK verschickt. Gerade diese Woche wurden aber die wichtigsten Einreichungstermine um einen Monat verschoben. Da in den meisten Kategorien lediglich eine Zusammenfassung eingereicht werden muß, ist der Termin vielleicht jetzt für einige erreichbar.
Diese Tagung wird von der GK offiziell unterstützt. Außerdem ist der Zeitschriftenherausgeber der GK, Gerhard Strube, Mitglied des Programmkomitees.

		     	    E C C S   1 9 9 7


                   The AISB has pleasure in announcing a

                            Call for registration
                                  for the
                2nd European Conference on Cognitive Science

                               9-11 April 1997
                              Manchester, U.K.

              following the AISB Workshops and tutorial series
                    7-8 April 1997, also at Manchester.

                The Conference is supported by the following
     European Cognitive Science and related Societies and Associations:



To register, please print out and fill in the 
attached form and return to the University of
Manchester.  This form is also available at the WWW address
http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/ai/ECCS97/registration_form.html, or
by ftp from ftp://ftp.cs.man.ac.uk/pub/ai/ECCSform.ps.Z.

***There is a reduction for students and for members of all the
participating European Cognitive Science Societies listed above.
It costs 25(28) pounds for UK(EU) residents to join AISB. 
WWW: http://www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/aisb/application-form.html,
Email: aisb@cogs.susx.ac.uk.

There is also a reduction for early registration, before 1 March 1997.

Fees in Pounds Sterling
                                        *** MEMBER       Non-member
         Activity           Days     Student      Other
                                  Early  Late Early Late Early Late

          AISB97: Tutorial   1       50   60     80 100    110  130
          AISB97: Workshop   2       60   70     90 110    120  140
                    ECCS97   3       80   90    130 150    160  170
    AISB97:Tutorial+ECCS97   4       90  100    160 180    190  210
             AISB97+ECCS97   5      100  110    180 200    210  230

 Dinner, bed and breakfast   per     25   30     30  35     30   35

			  *      *      *      *
                         Registration fee includes:
             a copy of the proceedings, coffee and tea each day,
                  daily lunches for everyone at the AISB97
                    and for non-students at the ECCS97.
In April, 1995 the first European Conference on Cognitive Science (ECCS) was
successfully held at Saint-Malo (France), organised on the initiative of the
French Association for Research on Cognition (ARC). Following the spirit and
intention of the ECCS 95, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming Second
European Conference on Cognitive Science - ECCS 97. The aim of the ECCS
conferences is to further the interaction between European researchers who
work in the domain of Cognitive Science.

You are hereby cordially invited to submit an abstract or a short a paper
within the general field of Cognitive Science - theory and practice alike.
As the ECCS 97 is being held in conjunction with the AISB workshops,
submissions that address potentially common themes are especially


In addition to direct paper submission, there are two workshops being
organised within this conference. Please see the appropriate pages for theme
and submission requirements.

   * Towards human-machine cooperation
     Organiser: Jean-Michel Hoc
                email: Jean-Michel.Hoc@univ-valenciennes.fr
     Sumbit extended abstract by: 15 December 1996

   * Context
     Organisers: Fausto Giunchiglia
		 email: context-eccs@cs.unitn.it   and
		 Boicho Kokinov
		 email: kokinov@cogs.nbu.acad.bg
     Sumbit paper by: 14 January 1996


Direct submission

Direct submissions for paper presentations should be as extended abstracts
or short papers with a minimum length of 1.500 words and no longer than
4.000 words.

   * Format: Electronic submission is preferred, either in plain ASCII, in
     Microsoft Word, or in Microsoft RTF format. If submissions contain
     graphics, this should be sent as separate TIF files.
     Alternatively, submissions may be made by normal paper copies. In this
     case authors are required to mail one original + four copies.
     Submissions by fax will not be considered.
   * To: Submissions should be sent to Technical Programme Chair at the
     address below.
   * By: 1 January 1997


Important Dates

   * 1 January 1997: Deadline for submission of extended abstracts:
   * 1 February 1997: Notification of review outcome
   * 15 March 1997: Deadline for receipt of accepted papers


Programme Committee

   * Erik Hollnagel, OECD Halden Reactor Project, Norway (chair)
   * Pompeu Casanovas, University of Barcelona, Spain
   * Cristiano Castelfranchi, University of Rome, Italy
   * Jean-Michel Hoc, University of Valenciennes, France
   * Pierre-Yves Raccah, CNRS, Paris 7, France
   * Gerhard Strube, University of Freiburg, Germany
   * Willemien Visser, INRIA, France
   * Richard Young, Medical Research Unit, Cambridge, U.K.



   * Conference chair: Ann Blandford
     post: School of Computer Science, Middlesex University,
     Bounds Green Road, London N11 2NQ, U.K.
     tel: +44-181 362 6163
     fax: +44-181 362 6411
     e-mail: blandford1@mdx.ac.uk

   * Technical programme chair: Erik Hollnagel
     post: OECD Halden Reactor Project, P. O. Box 173, N-1751 Halden, Norway
     e-mail: erik.hollnagel@hrp.no

   * Local arrangements chair: David S. Brée
     post: Department of Computer Science University of Manchester
     Manchester M13 9PL, U.K.
     tel: +44 0161 275 6180
     fax: +44 0161 275 6202
     e-mail: aisb@cs.man.ac.uk


             2nd European Conference on Cognitive Science

                              REGISTRATION FORM

                               9-11 April 1997
                              Manchester, U.K.
                       Holly Royde Conference Centre


Personal details

Name         ___________________________________________

Address      ___________________________________________


WWW          _______________ Email _____________________

Phone        __________________  Fax ___________________

List of European societies eligible for discounted rate


Name of society_______________  Membership no.__________

Where did you see this Conference advertised?



Information about Registration

Please read this carefully

The ECCS 1997's sister conference, AISB97, is being handled by the AISB
Executive Office. If you wish to register for both conferences or for
ECCS97+AISB tutorial (see table below for rates) please use this form -
unless you are an AISB member in which case you should use the AISB form.

Late Registration

Please note: registrations postmarked after 1 March 1997 count as late

Registration fees

Registration fees include course materials (if appropriate), lunch (except
in the case of students) and refreshments. Please note that if you wish to
register as a member of an eligible European society, you must send your
membership number with this form

                   MEMBER                  NON-MEMBER
Activity   Days    Student      Other
                  Early Late  Early Late   Early Late

ECCS97      3      80    90    130  150    160   170

ECCS97      4      90   100    160  180    190   210

ECCS97      5     100   110    180  200    210   230

Dinner&   per      25    30     30   35     30    35
B&B     night

Registration Fee

Name of event______________________Status________________ Cost =___________


Cost of accommodation

           7    8     9    10   11   12             April 1997
Bed &     Mon  Tue   Wed  Thur  Fri  Sat Other*
+ evening ___  ___   ___  ___   ___  ___ ______  ___ days x  25** =_____
meal                                                         30

*  please specify date
** please choose appropriate rate

Special dietary considerations (please specify):



TOTAL COSTS  (Accommodation + registration fee) ________________


How to pay

Paying by cheque

I wish to register for the events indicated, and enclose a cheque in pounds
sterling, drawn on a British clearing bank and payable to the "The
University of Manchester"

Amount_____________________ Signed     _________________________

Date ___________

Paying by credit card
(Sorry - only Visa or Mastercard/Access are acceptable)
I wish to register for the events indicated, and enclose my Visa/
Mastercard/Access details and the amount I wish to be credited to "The
University of Manchester" account.

Name on card __________________________________________________________

Address      __________________________________________________________


Card type    VISA__  Mastercard/Access__  Card No _____________________

Valid from date _________  Expiry date: ___________  Amount ___________

signature ______________________________________   Date ________________

------------------------------ cut here --------------------------------

Please print out this form and send it to:

Angela Linton
Department of Computer Science
University of Manchester
M13 9PL
Tel: 0161 275 6166
email: angela@cs.man.ac.uk

or fax to Angela Linton on

0161 275 6202


We should be notified in writing of all cancellations. Cancellations
received before 7 March will incur a 20% administration charge. We cannot
accept any cancellations after that date.


Accommodation for ECCS97 will be provided at the University of
Manchester's purpose built conference center, Holly Royde, 56-62
Palatine Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 3JP.

Accommodation for AISB97 will be provided on the  University of
Manchester's Fallowfield Campus.