12. Dezember 1996

Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Anmerkung des GK-Schriftführers:

Es handelt sich um die wohl wichtigste internationale Tagung, welche die gesamte Kognitionswissenschaft betrifft. Trotzdem ist die Ablehnungsquote traditionell nicht besonders hoch. Auch GK-Mitglieder, die mit großen internationalen Tagungen erst wenig Erfahrung gesammelt haben, können also durchaus eine Einreichung wagen.

Preliminary Call for Papers 
Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society 
August 7-10, 1997, Stanford University 

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The annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society brings
together researchers from many fields - including artificial
intelligence, education, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology
- who hold a common goal: understanding the nature of the mind.

The Society's Nineteenth Annual Conference will take place at
Stanford University from August 7 to 10, 1997. The meeting will
incorporate two features designed to attract participants from a
broader range of fields than in previous years:

The conference will include eight half-day symposia on topics
that hold general interest to the cognitive science community but
that include areas not well represented at the annual
meeting. Each symposium will include survey talks by senior
scientists in the area and invited research talks describing
recent advances.

Society members may each submit a single, one-page abstract
that is guaranteed to appear in the proceedings. Authors of such
abstracts can present posters at the conference, although the
program committee may upgrade some to talks. Moreover, the
deadline for abstracts will be one month later than that for full
papers, and nonmembers may join the Society at the time of

Another difference is that submissions to the 1997 conference
will have the same format as published papers. Thus, both full
papers and abstracts should use two-column format with 10 point
type, 1 inch top margin, and 3/4 margins elsewhere. Authors can
find templates that fit these specifications for LaTeX,
Framemaker, Word, Word Perfect, and MacWrite on the World Wide
Web in


or through anonymous ftp to ftp-csli.stanford.edu in 


Submissions should include the authors' names, physical
addresses, and email addresses.  Authors should send five hard
copies of their submission to:

      Cognitive Science 1997 
      CSLI / Computational Learning Laboratory 
      Ventura Hall, Stanford University 
      Stanford, CA 94305 USA 

Full papers must be no longer than six pages, including figures
and references, and should arrive by February 4, 1997; abstracts
must be no longer than one page and should arrive by March 4,
1997. We will return submissions that exceed these lengths to
their authors. For express mailing purposes, specify the phone
number (415) 723-1224.

We hope you will join us for an exciting conference that will
bring together researchers with a variety of backgrounds yet with
a common interest in the maturing field of cognitive science. If
you have questions or suggestions about the 1997 meeting, please
send email to cogsci97@csli.stanford.edu or contact a member of
the organizing committee:

      Jeff Elman (elman@cogsci.ucsd.edu) 
      James Greeno (greeno@csli.stanford.edu) 
      Keith Holyoak (holyoak@psych.ucla.edu) 
      Pat Langley (langley@rtna.daimlerbenz.com) 
      Michael Shafto (mshafto@mail.arc.nasa.gov) 
      Paul Smolensky (paul@vonneumann.cog.jhu.edu) 

The Nineteenth Annual Conference has received support from
the Daimler-Benz Research and Technology Center, Stanford's
Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), and the
Institute for the Study of Learning and Expert