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Kranstedt, A., Lücking, A., Pfeiffer, T., Rieser, H. & Wachsmuth, I.
Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone

In S. Gibet, N. Courty & J.-F. Kamp (Eds.),
Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation,
International Gesture Workshop 2005 (revised papers), pp. 300-311.
Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer (LNAI 3881).

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We present a collaborative approach towards a detailed understanding of the usage of pointing gestures accompanying referring expressions. This effort is undertaken in the context of human-machine interaction integrating empirical studies, theory of grammar and logics, and simulation techniques. In particular, we attempt to measure the precision of the focussed area of a pointing gesture, the so-called pointing cone. The pointing cone serves as a central concept in a formal account of multi-modal integration at the linguistic speech-gesture interface as well as in a computational model of processing multi-modal deictic expressions.

A. Kranstedt, 17.02.2006