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Kopp, S. (2006)
How Humans talk to Virtual Humans - Conversations From a Real-World Application

In K. Fischer (Ed.), How People Talk to Computers, Robots, and Other Artificial Interaction Partners (pp. 101-113). SFB/TR 8 Report No. 010-09/2006

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This paper describes a study on the kinds of dialogue human users are willing to have with the virtual human Max in a real-world scenario. Max is employed as guide in a public computer museum, where he engages with visitors in embodied face-to-face communication and provides them with information about the museum or the exhibition. Visitors can input natural language input using a keyboard. Logfiles from interactions between Max and museum visitors were analyzed. Results show that Max engages people in interactions where they are likely to use a variety of normal human communication strategies and the language this entails, also indicating attribution of sociality to the agent.

Kirsten Bergmann, 08.01.2007