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Kopp, S., Gesellensetter, L., Krämer, N., & Wachsmuth, I.
A conversational agent as museum guide -- design and evaluation of a real-world application

In Panayiotopoulos et al. (eds.): Intelligent Virtual Agents (pp. 329-343).
Berlin: Springer-Verlag (LNAI 3661), 2005.

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This paper describes an application of the conversational agent Max in a real-world setting. The agent is employed as guide in a public computer museum, where he engages with visitors in natural face-to-face communication, provides them with information about the museum or the exhibition, and conducts natural small talk conversations. The design of the system is described with a focus on how the conversational behavior is achieved. Logfiles from interactions between Max and museum visitors were analyzed for the kinds of dialogue people are willing to have with Max. Results indicate that Max engages people in interactions where they are likely to use human-like communication strategies, suggesting the attribution of sociality to the agent.

A. Kranstedt, 1.02.2006