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Rabe F., Fröhlich, C., & Latoschik, M.E. (2007)
Low-cost image generation for immersive multi-screen environments

In M.E. Latoschik & B. Fröhlich (Eds.), 4. Workshop of the GI special interest group VR/ARVirtuelle und Erweiterte Realität (pp. 65-76). Aachen: Shaker.

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This paper describes the configuration of a cost-efficient monolithic render server aimed at multi-screen Virtual Reality display devices. The system uses common Of-The-Shelf (OTS) PC components and feeds up to 6 independent screens via 3 graphics pipes with the potential to feed up to 12 screens. The internal graphics accelerators each use at least 8 PCIe lanes which results in sufficient bandwidth. Performance measurements are provided for several benchmarks which compare the system’s performance to well established network based render clusters.
Kirsten Bergmann, 28.01.2008