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P. Biermann, B. Jung, M. Latoschik & I. WachsmuthVirtuelle Werkstatt: A Platform for Multimodal Assembly in VR.

veröffentlicht in Proceedings Fourth Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC 2002)

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In this paper we describe ongoing research that aims at the development of a generic demonstration platform for virtual prototype modeling by utilizing multimodal speech and gesture interactions in Virtual Reality. Particularly, we concentrate on two aspects. First, a knowledge-based approach for assembling CAD-based parts in VR is introduced. This includes a system to generate meta-information from geometric models as well as accompanying task-level algorithms for virtual assembly. Second, a framework for modeling multimodal interaction using gesture and speech is presented that facilitates its generic adaptation to scene-graph-based applications . The chosen decomposition of the required core modules is exemplified by an example of a typical object rotation interaction.
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Virtual Assembly, Multimodal Interaction, Interaction Decomposition, Task-Level Interfaces

Peter Biermann, 4.5.2004