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P. Biermann & I. Wachsmuth:
An Implemented Approach for a Visual Programming Environment in VR.

veröffentlicht in Proceedings Fifth Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC 2003)

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In this paper we describe a visual programming environment which consists of computing nodes that are described in an XML notation and can be interactively configured and wired. The dataflow is realized via field connections, which are implemented in the AVANGO toolkit. The connections and parameters of the computing nodes can be modified during execution via the Scheme scripting language. The computation of the networks is embedded in the render-loop of the VR application, but framerate independent computation can also be done using attribute sequences as field values. The nodes can act as scene-graph nodes, which makes it very easy to visualize the nodes itself or the output of a node in the VR environment.
Keywords: Visual Programming, VR Applications, Scene-Graph manipulation, XML description, Scripting

Peter Biermann, 4.5.2004