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M. Hoffhenke & I. Wachsmuth:
Object Recognition with Shape Prototypes in a 3D Construction Scenario.

In W. Burgard, Th. Christaller & A. B. Cremers (Eds.):
KI-99: Advances in Artificial Intelligence,
Berlin: Springer (LNAI 1701), 1999, 231-242.

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This paper is concerned with representations which enable a technical agent to
recognize objects and aggregates from mechanical parts as they evolve in an
ongoing construction task. The general goal is that the technical agent has a
detailed understanding of the task situation such that it can execute instructions
issued by a human user in a dynamically changing situation. A levelled approach
for comprehensive shape representation is presented which is motivated by a
cognitive model of pictorial shape representations prototypes. In particular our
system is able to derive and represent spatial properties such as orientation and
geometric features e.g. axes or planes that can be ascribed to the developing

A. Kranstedt, 18.07.2003