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Kopp, S., Tepper, P., & Cassell, J.
Towards integrated microplanning of language and iconic gesture for multimodal output

In Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI'04),
Penn State University, PA (pp. 97-104). ACM Press 2004.

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When talking about spatial domains, humans frequently accompany their explanations with iconic gestures to depict what they are referring to. For example, when giving directions, it is common to see people making gestures that indicate the shape of buildings, or outline a route to be taken by the listener, and these gestures are essential to the understanding of the directions. Based on results from an ongoing study on language and gesture in direction-giving, we propose a framework to analyze such gestural images into semantic units (image description features), and to link these units to morphological features (hand shape, trajectory, etc.). This feature-based framework allows us to generate novel iconic gestures for embodied conversational agents, without drawing on a lexicon of canned gestures. We present an integrated microplanner that derives the form of both coordinated natural language and iconic gesture directly from given communicative goals, and serves as input to the speech and gesture realization engine in our NUMACK project.

A. Kranstedt, 3.02.2005