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What is the Intelligent Systems Lab?

The intelligent systems lab is a one year course module within the M. Sc. programm 'Intelligent Systems' at the Faculty of Technology.

During the year, the participants gain qualifications to solve complex tasks ranging from hardware setup to information processing. For that they gain knowledge and experience to work with modern information technology (sensors, interfaces, networks, actuators, computer clusters) and software design, touching areas such as speech-, signal- and image processing, artificial intelligence, soft computing and robotics.

The intelligent systems lab prepares the students for industrial research and development or alternatively for research in the area of intelligent systems. Specifically cultivated skills are independent, project-related work and work in teams, skills of proposal writing, scientific writing and software documentation.

The Intelligent Systems Lab Proceedings

This website contains summaries and video files of the various student projects and will be updated semiannually. The winter term projects are featured by a website (created by the teams). For the summer term, students have to write a report paper which is (beginning with 2013) peer-reviewed as standard in conference proceedings. The resulting final papers constitute our Intelligent Systems Lab Proceedings, which we aim to continue over years, first, to document the results of the student teams, and second, to provide inspiration and an overview for students and others interested in the programme.