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B. Jung, T. Pfeiffer & J. Zakotnik:
Natural Language Based Virtual Prototyping on the Web.

In C. Geiger et al. (eds.):
Proceedings Structured Design of Virtual Environments and 3D-Components.
Aachen: Shaker, 2002.

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This contribution describes a WWW-based multi-user system for concurrent virtual
prototyping. A 3D scene of CAD parts is presented to the users in the web browser. By
instructing the system using simple natural language commands, complex aggregates can
be assembled from the basic parts. The current state of the assembly is instantly published
to all system users who can discuss design choices in a chat area. The implementation
builds on an existing system for virtual assembly made available as a web service. The
client side components are fully implemented as Java applets and require no plugin for
visualization of 3D content. Http tunneled messaging between web clients and server
ensures system accessibility from any modern web browser even behind firewalls. The
system is first to demonstrate natural language based virtual prototyping on the web.

A. Kranstedt, 17.07.2003