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B. Jung, I. Wachsmuth:
Integration of Geometric and Conceptual Reasoning for Interacting with Virtual Environments.

Proc. AAAI'98 Spring Symposium on Multimodal Reasoning,
(pp. 22-27), 1998.

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This paper describes the knowledge processing in the CODY Virtual Constructor,
an operational system enabling the interactive assembly of complex aggregates
in a virtual environment. Two forms of reasoners are used: a geometric reasoner
that infers spatial properties of scene objects and a conceptual reasoner that
keeps track of the evolving aggregate's assembly structure. The combination of
the two reasoners enables the system both to simulate assembly processes in
the virtual environment and to understand natural language instructions. By
maximizing the mutual exchange of information between the reasoners, additional
knowledge can be inferred that not only improves understanding of language
instructions but also increases efficiency of inferencing.

A. Kranstedt, 18.07.2003