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The experience using and extending NST, the ``Neural network Simulation Tool'' developed by Helge Ritter, had important influence in the time efficient design of the SO interface. Many thanks to H.Ritter, C.Dücker, J.Jockusch, N.Jungclaus, and G.Menkhaus for proofreading an earlier version of this paper. The checker player aplication came into play with the valuable contributions of C.D., H.Holzgraefe, R.Kaatz, M.Krause, D.Selle, B.Sieker and P.Ziemeck. The tracker application was joint work with C.D. and G.Heidemann. The depicted SORMA-GUI for the active stereo camera head was designed by R.Rae.
This work was supported by the ministry for research and education of NRW.

Joerg Walter