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IB-PAS 2015
2015 International German/Turkish/Russian Workshop on
Integrative Biological Pathway Analysis and Simulation

A satellite meeting of the International Conference of Integrative Bioinformatics
June 24th to 25th, 2015
Bielefeld, Germany

Bielefeld GI FG Informationsmanagement in der Biotechnologie

The sixth International German/Turkish/Russian Workshop in “Integrative Biological Pathway Analysis and Simulation” (IB-PAS 2015) will be held on the 25th and 26th of June, 2015 at Bielefeld University, Germany

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
this Computational and Integrative Biology Workshop (IB-PAS) - as a satellite meeting of the International Conference of Integrative Bioinformatics - will be of interest for Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine. The idea of this Workshop is to discuss methods, theoretical approaches or practical applications in the area of Integrative Pathway Analysis.
Topics of interest

The main topics will be:

Database integration Petri net simulation of pathways
Molecular data warehouse Metabolic network analysis for drug-target interactions
Molecular textmining Workflow Management
Big Data
Important dates
  • 1st May 2015: Extended abstract submission
  • 25th May 2015: Notification of acceptance

Please, put the date in your personal meeting calendar.


Accepted abstracts are invited for oral presentation or poster session. Submission must be via the workshop web site. Accepted abstracts will be published as conference proceedings and full papers are invited for the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics (

Funding and Partners

Email:  All questions related to the IB-PAS 2015 can be sent to

Ralf Hofestädt
(Email:, Bielefeld University, Germany) or

Jens Allmer
(Email:, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey) or

Nikolay A. Kolchanov
(Email:, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Russia)

Tel:  +49 (0)521-1065283

Fax:  +49 (0)521-1066488

Address:  Bielefeld University, Technical Faculty, Department of Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics

Bielefeld University
P.O. Box 10 01 31
D-33501 Bielefeld

Social events

The workshop will feature a number of special events to help you to enjoy your stay in Bielefeld and to give you information about the German art, culture and history.

    • Sparrenburg
    • Historical museum
    • Botanical garden
    • Old city hall
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