Techfak / AG Biomathematics

Biomathematics and Theoretical Bioinformatics

Our group, led by Ellen Baake, establishes a bridge between bioinformatics and mathematics. Our main area of research is the mathematical theory of biological evolution, in particular population genetics. We seek to understand the dynamics of genes in populations under the joint influence of mutation, selection, recombination and genetic drift. The tools we use come from probability theory (branching processes, interactive particle systems, large deviations) as well as from the theory of dynamical systems.

Current research affiliations

DFG Prority Programme SPP 1590

The Priority Programme 'Probabilistic Structures in Evolution' is devoted to the in-depth theoretical study of stochastic processes in population genetics, stochastic models of adaptive dynamics, and probabilistic aspects of evolutionary game theory.

DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1283

The CRC focuses on taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity'. It aims at developing the underlying concepts and theory, and at their application to long-standing open problems in economics and the sciences.

Research Center for Mathematical Modeling RCM²

The Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling (RCM²) is an inter-departmental institution of Bielefeld University which provides a common platform for applications of mathematics to the sciences. The activities include both research and training in mathematical modelling and in mathematical solution techniques.


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