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Sebastian Probst

Sebastian Probst
Office: UHG U4-141
Phone: +49-521-106-3855
Fax: +49-521-106-6481
Email: sprobst[at]

Educational and Professional Experiences

In August 2012 I received my diploma in mathematics from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Algorithmic Optimization group of Marc Steinbach).
Until October 2018 I have done my doctorate in Ellen Baake's Biomathematics workgroup. In addition to my research and teaching tasks I am the computing officer of the workgroup and act as coordination support for the priority program Probabilistic Structures in Evolution. In particular I am responsible for the construction and maintenance of its webservices.

Current Interests

I am working as a postdoc in the area of population genetics, in particular on models that deal with recombination dynamics. I am using a combination of methods from numerical mathematics and probability theory for the estimation of model-parameters. Furthermore, I am searching for an evolution model that captures the essentials of Lenski's long term evolutional experiment and contribute simulation studies to validate this model.





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