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This page shows the course slides, as used in the WS 2011 version of the lecture, and provides articles for further reading. Initially, most slide files are versions from the winter 2011 lecture, which will be updated as the 2012 course proceeds.

Final examination

The final exam has been scheduled to Thursday, Feb. 7 and Friday, Feb. 8. As these will be individual, oral examinations, see our secretary for individual date and hour.

There will be an "open question sesssion" to prepare for the exam, in the last course session on Jan. 28.

Required readings for the examination:

Lecture Materials:

Part 1: Single sequence structure prediction

Note; This semester, Part 4 of this lecture was held right after part 2.

Part 2: Comparative structure prediction

Part 3: Stochastic models

Part 4: Structure comparison

Part 5: Selected special topics

Note: These are some topics from earlier issues of this lecture, not covered in 2011


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