Various bioinformatics tools use a great variety of different inhomogeneous formats for reading data and storing their results. While some formats, like FASTA or CLUSTAL, are common to several programs, others are utilized by only a single tool. Even worse, prevalent formats often lack consistence, e.g. there are many different "interpretations" of the FASTA format in use. This can probably be accredited to the fact, that the majority of formats are not well described - a formal definition is missing.
BioDOM formats are formally defined by XSD schemas (see HOBIT). The BioDOM package supplies converters, that can transform common native formats to these XML formats. With BioDOM it is easy to define a interface between different bioinformatics tools. Note that BioDOM is a growing product. Currently it implements only the most common converters. Once need arises it can be extended by additional converters and more XML formats.



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