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Our group has always had a strong engagement in building up the scientific community for the emerging discipline of bioinformatics. This includes curriculum development and education, workshops and conferences, and networking activities. Our most prominent project here isthe Bielefeld Bioinformatics Server, a widely used and professionally managed web site, which provides bioinformatics tools that result from our work and that of our local colleagues to the scientific community.

current projects

Bielefeld University BioInformatics Service 
The Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server (BiBiServ) supports internet-based collaborative research and education in bioinformatics. It was established in 1996 and currently provides over 20 software tools, together with a repository of educational material.

BioDOM - the bioinformatics XML solution 
BioDOM is a JAVA library for converting native non-XML output from various bioinformatics tools to XML formats that can be validated against XML schemas.

Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop Series 
BREW is a meeting organized by European PhD programs in bioinformatics.

Curriculum Development in Bioinformatics 
Starting in 1992, Bielefeld has been involved in curriculum development in bioinformatics.

Bielefeld University is one of five major bioinformatics sites supported by DFG.

German Conference on Bioinformatics 
The German Conference on Bioinformatics is a medium size annual conference with a long tradition.

Graduate School in Bioinformatics and Genome Research 
The International NRW Graduate School in Bioinformatics and Genome Research was established at Bielefeld University by a grant from the ministry of science and research (MWF) NRW (North-Rhine-Westfalia).

Graduiertenkolleg Bioinformatik 
The graduate program "Bioinformatics" exists since October 1st, 2000. It is shared between the Faculties of Mathematics , Biology and the Faculty of Technology.

past projects

Helmholtz Open Bioinformatics Technology 
The HOBIT initiative is dedicated to form the core of a network linking bioinformatic centres together. It shall be understood as an initial organisational and technological platform for interconnection of bioinformatics activities. The aim of the network is to concatenate applications and resources in a uniform way so providing an efficient communication tier between for bioinformatics resource access.

The Bioinformatics Summer School 
The Bioinformatics Summer School (BISS) was created in 2000 and held three times: in Bielefeld, Göttingen and Tübingen.

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