:: Media Design and Technology ::

New media provide new means of communication and cooperation in research and education. We are interested in experimenting with new technologies, using multimedia technology in education and web technology in scientific cooperative work. We also explore the potential of multimedia to provide understandable expositions of current life science research to a broader public.

current projects

Bielefeld University BioInformatics Service 
The Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server (BiBiServ) supports internet-based collaborative research and education in bioinformatics. It was established in 1996 and currently provides over 20 software tools, together with a repository of educational material.

BioDOM - the bioinformatics XML solution 
BioDOM is a JAVA library for converting native non-XML output from various bioinformatics tools to XML formats that can be validated against XML schemas.

Computer Science Education Media 
Development of online media supporting the general computer science and bioinformatics education.

We plan to develop multimedia expositions on various topics of research performed at the Bielefeld Center of Biotechnology.

past projects

Helmholtz Open Bioinformatics Technology 
The HOBIT initiative is dedicated to form the core of a network linking bioinformatic centres together. It shall be understood as an initial organisational and technological platform for interconnection of bioinformatics activities. The aim of the network is to concatenate applications and resources in a uniform way so providing an efficient communication tier between for bioinformatics resource access.

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