:: Programming Languages and Compilers ::

Programming Languages and Compilers was our original field of work when the group was first established. Although our research focus has shifted considerably since, we still hold an interest in this field and persue active research. We propagate the use of declarative (functional) programming languages in computer science education, as well as in programm development for bioinformatics applications. Our long term goal here is the realization of a declarative language for dynamic programming, which is of tantamount importance in biosequence analysis.

current projects

Algebraic Dynamic Programming 
Algebraic Dynamic Programming (ADP) is a method to design and implement, tune, test and teach Dynamic Programming algorithms. Compared to the traditional style, ADP provides a much higher level of abstraction, helping to solve more sophisticated problems with better chances of success.

Algebraic Dynamic Programming - implementation 
The ADP implementation project aims at the development of a compiler suite, which compiles ADP programs to (optimized) ADP, to C, and into traditional DP recurrences typeset in LaTeX.

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