:: Project Topics ::

 Algebraic Dynamic Programming 

raises dynamic programming to a more convenient level of abstraction. There is an ADP language, a compiler and many applications of ADP in bioinformatics.

 RNA Structure Analysis 

is the key to lucidate the function of non-coding RNA. Various tools have been developed, with more to come.

 Computational RNomics 

strives to decipher the complex signalling in gene regulation which is based on small non-coding RNAs.

 DNA Regulatory Elements 

and their interaction with transcription factors mediate transcriptional regulation.

 Large Scale Genome Analysis 

requires especially efficient index data structures and matching algorithms utilizing them.

 Bioinformatics Services 

to the scientific community are provided via the Bielefeld Bioinformatics Server.

 Media Design and Technologies 

is used in our work mainly for Computer Science and Bioinformatics, and in exhibition software directed to the public understanding of science.

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