KDS-1 Corpus

KDS-1 (‘Kalenderdomänenstudie 1’) is a corpus of video-recorded, face-to-face, task-oriented dialogues in a calendar assistant domain. The focus of the corpus is on problem solving and appointment negociation in a calendar domain, as well as on how interlocutors of different degrees of familarity approach the process.

In each of the interactions, one dialogue partner had the role of a student, the other of his or her assistant. Together they had to discuss the student's calendar (experimentally given) of the next two weeks. Each of the two had to do edit operations to the calendar (inform about new appointments, move appointments, cancel appointments). The given calendars and operations were designed to lead to conflicting and/or confusing situation which the dialogue partners had to solve. .

Corpus information

Interactions were recorded from three camera perspectives (a wide shot of the whole scene, mid-shots of the individual interlocutors). Audio was recorded with a high quality microphone positioned on the table between the interlocutos.

Multimodal dialogical face-to-face communication in a calendar domain.

The corpus consists of 21 dyadic interactions with a mean length of 12:53 min. Dialogue partners of the 8 dyads U01–U08 were unaquainted before the experiment. Dialogue partners of the 8 dyads K11–K18 were friends. Dialogue partners of the 5 dyads R21–R25 participated as a dyad in the interactions U01–U08, so met once prior to the experiment. This study design allows for investigation of familarity effects on language use as well as conflict resolution strategies.

Participants were recruited at Bielefeld University. The language of the corpus is German. Further information, such as the instructions, the calendars and tasks, are available upon request.


  • Hendrik Buschmeier
  • Ramin Yaghoubzadeh
  • The permanent URL for this resource: https://purl.org/scs/KDS-1