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Virtual RoboCup is concerned with 3D visualizations of RoboCup simulation league soccer games. The 3D monitor can be used instead of or in addition to the standard RoboCup 2D monitor. You are welcome to use the program, but please bear in mind that due to limited human resources, we cannot provide any help with installation problems.

System requirements: Virtual RoboCup runs on SGI graphics workstations only. The IRIS Performer Graphics Library must be installed on your system. We have successfully tested the program on SGI Indigo2 and SGI Octane platforms.

Click to download the 3D monitor (gzipped tar).

Click to download the logplayer (gzipped tar), a tool for replaying RoboCup simulation league games. This executable is compiled for SGI platforms. The logplayer was developed by NODA Itsuki.

Log-files from RoboCup'97 games can be downloaded from ftp://ci.etl.go.jp/pub/soccer/log/RoboCup97/

Project Status

Development of Virtual RoboCup is completed (for the time being).

Our former roadmap shows accomplished milestones:

Some of the things we wanted to do but never had the time for:

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Bernhard Jung, 1998-09-14