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Kranstedt, A., Lücking, A., Pfeiffer, T., Rieser, H., & Staudacher, M. (2006)
Measuring and Reconstructing Pointing in Visual Contexts

In D. Schlangen & R. Fernandez (Eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (pp. 82-89). Potsdam: Universitätsverlag.

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We describe an experiment to gather original data on geometrical aspects of pointing. In particular, we are focusing upon the concept of the pointing cone, a geometrical model of a pointing's extension. In our setting we employed methodological and technical procedures of a new type to integrate data from annotations as well as from tracker recordings. We combined exact information on position and orientation with rater's classifications. Our first results seem to challenge classical linguistic and philosophical theories of demonstration in that they advise to separate pointings from reference.

Kirsten Bergmann, 04.01.2007