Bachelor Program Bioinformatics and Genome Research (BIG)

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Genome Research strongly relies on bioinformatics: Genome research increases its variety of methods and finds more and more data about genomes and metabolic processes. These data can only be used, i.e. processed and interpreted, by means of bioinformatics.The Bachelor Program Bioinformatics and Genome Research connects theory and methods of Genome Research with Informatics. Bielefeld University is one of the worldwide leaders in Genome Research. Already during the Bachelor Program students are given insights into current research. They also have opportunities to do a part of their studies abroad by means of our numerous international cooperations.




Structure for inscription since winter term 2011/2012 [eKVV]

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Structure fpr inscription until summer term 2011 (discontinued wit the end of summer term 2016) [eKVV]

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Application is possible only for winter terms and the latest date for application is July 15. The number of new students is limited to 60 for each year. Further information is given by the Studierendensekretariat der Universität Bielefeld.


Bielefeld University
Faculty of Technology
Bachelor degree program Bioinformatics and Genome Research
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Contact person: apl. Prof. Dr. Franz Kummert