General Remarks about Master Studies

Helpful Links

  • Applications for Master studies via the online portal movein (in the period of 01.06. - 15.07. each year). Further details can be found in the "Application" section of each subject.


FAQ about Examination Regulations

  • Notification of oral exams has to be handed in at the examination office. Examination dates are appointed directly with the respective examiner.

    For lecturers: Prior to the exam, it has to be clarified whether the result should be graded or not (independent from the achieved result but only if the respective module specification allow this). For each oral exam (duration of 15 - 25 minutes) a protocol form has to be kept and handed in immediately at the examination office. Submission of protocols replaces the list of results. Please note the course details on the protocol. Exceptions are final modul exams (over more than two courses of one or two semesters).

  • An overview of the performed studies and examinations for Master students is given by the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) of Bielefeld University. For ERASMUS students an academic record can be obtained from the examination office of the respective faculty.
  •  A transcript of records sealed by the examination office of the Faculty of Technology can be issued at all times as a confirmation of the credits obtained so far. To get a transcript of records with preliminary grade the application for issuing an intermediate transcript has to be submitted. The application has to be generated with the eKVV Prüfungsverwaltung.
    A translation of the transcript of records (English) have to be prepared by the students and will be certified by the examination office. For the translation this file can be used.

    For lecturers: The results of a course are submitted to the examination office via a list of results. Therein the individual performance of each participating student is listed, including their matriculation number. Lists of results are submitted via the upload function of the eKVV.

  • It is necessary to apply for the recognition of program achievments and placement into a semester. Further information and the necessary forms and contact persons you can find here (in German). The application und the attachment of the application have to be submitted electronically and in hard copy to the examination office.
  • The registration of a Master thesis can be done as soon as 50 CP are obtained. The registration form (in German) has to be submitted to the examination office. The adherence of the time limit of six months is overseen by the examination office. In case a thesis is not submitted in time, the grade "nicht ausreichend" (not sufficient) is awarded. On the cover page of the Master thesis the respective degree programme and the Faculty of Technolgy are to be mentioned. The logo of the university is on legal grounds not allowed to print on the cover page. Further information here (in German).

    For lecturers: The Master thesis has to be reviewed within two months. For this purpose a written report has to be submitted at the examination office within the prescribed period.

  • According to the regulations of studies and examinations for Master studies at Bielefeld University, the master certificate holds the date of application for issuing the Master certificate. This application for issuing the Master certificate (in German) is provided in the eKVV Examination System and is to be handed in at the examination office. After applying for the certificate, no alterations concerning attribution of modules or improvement of grades is possible any more.