Didactics and eLearning at the Faculty of Technology

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Members of all research groups of our faculty meet once per semester for the workshop »didactics and eLearning«. Educational methods are explained and their use for special teaching scenarios is discussed. Lecturers show examples of courses where they apply electronical media. The working group is a network of people interested in eLearning and keeps in touch with the institutions of the university which provide support for eLearning.

Additional information is available from the eLearning representative of the Faculty of Technology Susanne Konermann.


The survey "Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Technology"

Umfrage Beispiel

An online survey among lecturers and students was conducted in SS 2012. Motivation for this survey was the request to define the faculty‘s special requirements for a virtual learning environment. This will be installed as project „studentischer Arbeitsplatz“ within BIS 3.0. Furthermore the survey provides insights in the teaching and learning culture of the faculty.



Summary of results

The most important wish of the students is that all information regarding courses is offered in a central system and that this is consequently updated, especially the „Inhalt/Kommentar“-field of courses. The lecturers who nowadays determine the methods of communicating themselves are afraid of an increasing workload by being obliged to use new central systems. Nevertheless half to a third of the lecturers consider special tools as helpful.

Summary of results "Lehren und Lernen in der Technischen Fakultät" in detail.


Recommendation of the Faculty of Technology for the virtual learning environment

The recommendation of the Faculty of Technology for the virtual learning environment bases on experiences of students and lecturers as well as on results of the survey „Lehren und Lernen in der Technischen Fakultät“ which was organized in SS 2012.

Recommendation of the Faculty of Technology, approved by the Faculty Committee on 27.06.2012 (in German)

Recommendation of the Faculty of Technology with prioritization and attachment "Tutorium" (German)