General Remarks about Doctoral Studies and Graduation

Contact person: Ricarda Brune

The Faculty of Technology offers the opportunity of independent PhD studies as well as the inscription into one of the PhD programs "Bioinformatics" and "Intelligent Systems". In the degree programs at the faculty in addition to the graduation of a Dr. rer. nat. or Dr.-Ing., an individual study program has to be completed.

A graduation procedure at the Faculty of Technology is commenced with an informal request in writing for admission (information) for doctoral studies (see number 5 of the regulation of doctoral studies and § 6 section 3 of the general regulation of doctoral studies at Bielefeld University) addressed to the dean. If a university degree from abroad has been awarded, a certified copy of the transcript have to be submitted additionally to the certified copies of the degree certificates.

Only after the admission is granted not later than eight days prior to a faculty conference it is possible to file for the opening of the graduation procedure (information; see numer 7 of the regulation of doctoral studies and § 8 of the general regulation of doctoral studies at Bielefeld University).

For publishing a dissertion via the university library four copies (the two depositary copies and additionally two copies for the examination office) are to be submitted. The form with the declaration for the university library is to be signed by the dean of the faculty beforehand. The logo of the university is not allowed to print on the thesis because of legal reasons. You fin further information here (in German).


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