Cumulative Dissertations

(according to a decision of the Faculty Conference on 27.06.2007)

So-called "cumulative dissertations" are possbile in exceptional situations, but require a special request to the Faculty Conference.

Such exceptions could be the present, whenever the topic of the dissertation has been described extensively in refereed journal publications, whose number should be appropriate for the topic. Then the dissertation consists of these publications and a detailed accompanying text containing an introduction into the research topic and a summary and discussion of the achieved results.

In case a cumulative dissertation is planned, a request must be filled by the candidate to the Faculty Conference ahead of time, including the manuscripts planned to be included in the dissertation and a description of the individual contributions of the authors, confirmed by the authors. The particular appropriateness as a cumulative dissertation must be confirmed by the first advisor of the thesis in writing. The Faculty Conference makes a recommendation. If the recommendation is negative, the dissertation should be submitted as a monography.

After submission of the dissertation, the Faculty Conference decides about the opening of the dissertation procedure, independent of the previous recommendation.