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Virtual Constructor

Baufix airplane model   Auto muffler

The Virtual Constructor is a knowledge-based system that enables an interactive assembly of 3D visualized mechanical parts to complex aggregates. The user can both directly manipulate the virtual scene using the mouse or similar input devices and instruct the system using simple commands in natural language. Various operations such as assembly, disassembly, and rotation of sub-assemblies are supported by a knowledge-based description of the objects' mating possibilities. A key feature of the system is that the current state of the assembly is dynamically conceptualized by step-keepingly matching the geometry scene against a structured model of the target aggregate. Dynamic knowledge representations are created when constructed aggregates are recognized as assembly groups of the target aggregate. The internal representations are further modified when, according to their use, the specific functions of single parts in the target aggregate are determined. Therefore, verbal instructions can always refer to the current state of the assembly.


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The Virtual Constructor is a spin-off from the CODY project.

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Jung

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