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M. Latoschik, I. Wachsmuth:
Exploiting distant pointing gestures for object selection in a virtual environment.

In I. Wachsmuth and M. Fröhlich (eds.):
Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction,
(pp. 185-196), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence,
Volume 1371, Springer-Verlag, 1998.

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Developing state of the art multimedia applications nowadays calls for the
use of sophisticated visualisation and immersion techniques, commonly
referenced as Virtual Reality. While Virtual Reality meanwhile reaches
good results both in image quality and in fast user feedback using parallel
computation techniques, the methods for interacting with these systems need
to be improved. In this paper we introduce a multimedia application that
uses a gesture-driven interface and, secondly, the architecture for an
expandable gesture recognition system. After different gesture types for
interaction in a virtual environment are discussed with respect to a
required functionality, the implementation of a specific gesture detection
module for distant pointing recognition is described, and the whole system
design is tested for its task adequacy.

A. Kranstedt, 16.07.2003