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T. Sowa, M. Fröhlich & M. Latoschik:
Temporal Symbolic Integration Applied to a Multimodal System Using Gestures and Speech.

In A. Braffort et al. (eds.): Gesture-Based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction -
Proceedings International Gesture Workshop (Gif-sur-Yvette, France, March 1999)
Springer-Verlag (LNAI 1739), 1999, 291-302.

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This paper presents a technical approach for temporal symbol integration aimed
to be generally applicable in unimodal and multimodal user interfaces. It draws its
strength from symbolic data representation and an underlying rulebased system, and
is embedded in a multi-agent system. The core method for temporal integration is
motivated by findings from cognitive science research. We discuss its application
for a gesture recognition task and speech-gesture integration in a Virtual
Construction scenario. Finally an outlook of an empirical evaluation is given.

A. Kranstedt, 16.07.2003