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T. Sowa, S. Kopp & M. E. Latoschik:
A Communicative Mediator in a Virtual Environment: Processing of Multimodal Input and Output.

International Workshop on Information Presentation and Natural Multimodal Dialogue,
Verona, Italy, 2001.

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This paper presents work on multimodal communication
with an anthropomorphic agent. It focuses on processing of
multimodal input and output employing natural language
and gestures in virtual environments. On the input side, we
describe our approach to recognize and interpret co-verbal
gestures used for pointing, object manipulation, and object
description. On the output side, we present the utterance
generation module of the agent which is able to produce
coordinated speech and gestures.


multimodal communication, virtual environments,
anthropomorphic agents

A. Kranstedt, 16.07.2003