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T. Sowa & I. Wachsmuth:
Interpretation of Shape-Related Iconic Gestures in Virtual Environments.

In I. Wachsmuth & T. Sowa (eds.): Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction
(pp. 21-33). Berlin: Springer (LNAI 2298), 2002.

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So far, approaches towards gesture recognition focused mainly on
deictic and emblematic gestures. Iconics, viewed as iconic signs in
the sense of Peirce, are different from deictics and emblems, for their
relation to the referent is based on similarity. In the work reported here,
the breakdown of the complex notion of similarity provides the key idea
towards a computational model of gesture semantics for iconic gestures.
Based on an empirical study, we describe first steps towards a recognition
model for shape-related iconic gestures and its implementation in a
prototype gesture recognition system. Observations are focused on spatial
concepts and their relation to features of iconic gestural expressions. The
recognition model is based on a graph-matching method which compares
the decomposed geometrical structures of gesture and object.

A. Kranstedt, 16.07.2003