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A package for creating online presentations for the web browser based on HTML and JavaScript.


WebSlides is my personal effort to create functional slides for my lectures. They are currently tested and iteratively improved in the progress of my lecture on Virtual Reality in the winter term 2011 at Bielefeld University. The lecture itself will also be a good example on using the framework. The language, however, is German.

Previously, I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create my slides. However, my lectures and talks often require the presentation of formulas. This made me switch to LaTeX/Beamer, which is much more efficient in this regard. I was, however, still not satisfied. This is why I started to reconsider and kept my eyes out for something else.

In Spring 2011, I stumbled upon the S5 framework by Eric A. Meyer, which allowed to use HTML to create presentations. With my dusty knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, I started working on WebSlides and used it for the first time in a Seminar on Virtual Reality in Summer 2011.

Features (partly planned)

Current State


To see WebSlides in action, you can try out a small Introduction and Demo of WebSlides. Or you can visit the slides to the current lecture on Virtual Reality, and especially the chapter on visual perception (German).



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