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Rockbox stuff


Rockbox is an open source firmware for the Archos Jukebox MP3 player and recorder.

Atadore is a full latin-1 font with proportional spacing I have designed for Rockbox (Caveat: new font system; 2002-09-13 or later). The font has a height of 8 pixels and an average width of 7. It was designed with an emphasis on readability in mind. The name reflects the fact, that most of the glyphs have their origins in the old C=64 and Atari 800 ROM fonts.

You can download Atadore (version 2001-09-19) in bdf or fnt format:

Initial version
Removed unneeded glyphs
Adjusted width of some glyphs

clR6x8 is Schumacher Clean, a nice fixed width font, that is distributed with X11R6. The font was created by Dale Schumacher. I just added the missing glyphs for a full ISO-8859-1 set.

This version is 2001-09-18:


These are some patches that I use, but that are not comitted to CVS because of lack of general convenience or admittance. I try to keep them up to date, but there is no guarantee that they always apply cleanly to the latest CVS version. As I own a Recorder some of the patches don't affect Players.

This patch scrolls short lines (lines, that are only just too long for the display) back and forth instead of continously wrapping around the line. This increases legibility enormously. Thanks to Uwe Freese for his patch.
This patch displays the progress bar instead of the peak meter when performing fast forward or rewind. The peak meter is not replaced when the progress meter already is displayed.
This patch let's you select scroll speed and step size separately.
This patch converts underscores to blanks in the tree browser when the file filter is set to music files only
This patch changes the appearance of the peak meter to better suit the atadore font. No functional changes here.
This patch alters the status bar to use the loaded font instead of the system font. It is intended to be used with the atadore font.
This patch alters different displays to use the loaded font instead of the system font. It is intended to be used with the atadore font.

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