NC² New Challenges in Neural Computation (NC2)
Workshop of the GI-Fachgruppe Neuronale Netze and the German Neural Networks Society in connection to GCPR 2017, Basel, Switzerland.

Location and Venue: Tuesday, 12.9.2017, Centre for Teaching and Research, University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland.

Towards end-to-end learning and optimization

Frank Hutter

(University of Freiburg, DE)

Deep learning has recently helped AI systems to achieve human-level performance in several domains, including speech recognition, object classification, and playing several types of games. The major benefit of deep learning is that it enables end-to-end learning of representations of the data on several levels of abstraction. However, the overall network architecture and the learning algorithms' sensitive hyperparameters still need to be set manually by human experts. In this talk, I will discuss extensions of Bayesian optimization for handling this problem effectively, thereby paving the way to fully automated end-to-end learning. I will focus on speeding up Bayesian optimization by reasoning over data subsets and initial learning curves, sometimes resulting in 100-fold speedups in finding good hyperparameter settings. I will also show competition-winning practical systems for automated machine learning (AutoML) and briefly show related applications to the end-to-end optimization of algorithms for solving hard combinatorial problems.

ENNS The workshop is sponsored by the European Neural Networks Society and by the CITEC centre of excellence CITEC: Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence

Barbara Hammer