NC² New Challenges in Neural Computation (NC2)
Workshop of the GI-Fachgruppe Neuronale Netze and the German Neural Networks Society in connection to GCPR 2016, Hanover

The workshop New Challenges in Neural Computation and Machine Learning takes place for the seventh time as a workshop jointly organized by the GI Fachgruppe Neuronale Netze and by the German Neural networks society, this year accompanying the prestigious GCPR in Hanover. The goal of the workshop is to provide a platform for researchers in the field to exchange ideas about ongoing work, open problems, challenges, or also yet unsuccessful approaches in this domain, and to provide a gentle audience also for comparably new researchers in the field.

Invited Speakers

We will continue the tradition of inviting two prestigious speakers who will present their recent research at the workshop: Prof. Jörg Lücke from University of Oldenburg will present research in deep learning; Prof. Marc Toussaint from University of Stuttgard will talk about his research in autonomous learning and robotics.

Best presentation award

A best presentation award will be given for the best presentation at NC2 2016.

Proceedings and Special Issue

Proceedings will be available in electronic form in the TR series Machine Learning Reports.

ENNS The workshop is sponsored by the European Neural Networks Society and by the CITEC centre of excellence CITEC: Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence

Barbara Hammer