Personal homepage - Christian Peters
I am a PhD student at CITEC (Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence), Bielefeld University in Germany. I am member of the Applied Informatics and the Ambient Intelligence group at Bielefeld University.

My research interest includes
  • Cognitive Assistive Technology
  • Multi-modal perception and interaction in real-life scenarios
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
In my PhD project TAPeD, I work on the development of a system that assists persons with cognitive disabilities in the task of brushing their teeth. The system is called TEBRA (TEeth BRushing Assistance system). More information about the project and the system can be found in the research section.

» News:
    ›  11/20/12: Radio Bielefeld, Bielefeld's local radio station, broadcasted a short segment about the TEBRA system. Find the link to the segment named 'Der Zahnputzcomputer' (in German) here.
    ›  11/16/12: The study at Haus Bersaba is finished. We conducted about 40 trials with the TEBRA system plus about 25 trial with the caregiver assisting the user. We recorded a great data corpus which we are currently evaluating.
    ›  11/16/12: Paper 'TEBRA - An automatic prompting system for persons with cognitive disabilities in brushing teeth' got accepted at HealthInf 2013 as a full paper (30 min. oral presentation). HealthInf will be held in Barcelona in Feb 2013.
    ›  11/15/12: I participated with a poster at the Science Fair as part of the Perspektive, a job fair at Bielefeld University. The science fair is a competition where junior researchers present their recent work.
» Contact:
    ›  E-Mail: cpeters(at)
    ›  Office: UHG M5-116
    ›  Phone: +49-521-106-2952