Personal homepage - Christian Peters

» 2013:
    ›  Peters, C., Hermann, T., Wachsmuth, S.: "TEBRA - An automatic prompting system for persons with cognitive disabilities in brushing teeth" (in press), HealthInf 2013 (Int. Conf. on Health Informatics), Barcelona, Spain

» 2012:
    ›  Peters, C., Hermann, T., Wachsmuth, S.: "User behavior recognition for an automatic prompting system - a structured approach based on task analysis"(pdf), ICPRAM 2012 (Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods), Vilamoura, Portugal

» 2011:
    ›  Peters, C., Hermann, T., Wachsmuth S.: "Prototyping of an automatic prompting system for a residential home"(pdf), RESNA/ICTA conference, FICCDAT 2011, Toronto, Canada

» 2010:
    ›  Peters, C., Hermann, T., Wachsmuth, S.: "Task Assistance for Persons with cognitive Disabilities (TAPeD)"(pdf), Workshop on Machine Learning for Assistive Technology, NIPS 2010, Vancouver/Whistler, Canada

» 2009:
    ›  Peters, C., Wachsmuth, S., Hoey, J.: "Learning to recognise behaviours of persons with dementia using multiple cues in an HMM-based approach"(pdf), Workshop on Multimedia Event Analysis for Assistive Environments,

» 2008:
    ›  Peters, C.: "Recognition of task-related events in a handwashing scenario"(pdf), diploma thesis supervised by Prof. Jesse Hoey, PD Dr. Sven Wachsmuth and Prof. Gerhard Sagerer, Bielefeld University