Friends, Season 1

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1. The One Where It All Began

with: John Allen Nelson as Paul
Clea Lewis as Franny
Cynthia Mann as the Waitress

The one that kicked off a classic. Monica's old friend Rachel decides to move in with her after leaving her fiance. Meanwhile Ross takes an apartment in Monica's building to be closer to his friends, Chandler and Joey.

2. The One With The Sonogram At The End

with: Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Anita Barone as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Mitchell Whitfield as Barry
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Christopher Miranda as Robbie
Joan Pringle as Dr. Oberman
Merill Markoe as Marsha

Ross' ex-wife, Carol, is pregnant with his child. She tells him that she and her lover, Susan, plan to raise the baby together, but that he can be involved if he wants -- in fact, he is invited to the Sonogram. Meanwhile, Monica and Ross' parents are coming to dinner and Monica goes insane trying to make everything perfect. Rachel has to give Barry back his engagement ring and she dreads having to see him. When she gets to his orthodontist office, she finds him tan, renewed-and dating her ex-maid of honor. [And when their kitchen table breaks, Joey and Chandler decide it's time to further their roommate relationship and split the cost of a new one. They wind up with a foosball table. Note: this storyline was shot, but will be placed in another episode.

3. The One With The Thumb

with: Geoffrey Lower as Alan
Beth Grant as Lizzy
Jenifer Lewis as Paula

Monica reluctantly introduces her new guy to everyone and, much to her surprise, they all love him. Eventually, she decides that she doesn't want to see him anymore, and the gang is heartbroken. Phoebe's bank mistakenly credits her account an extra five hundred dollars. When she sends a letter to notify then of their error, they respond by apologizing and giving her another five hundred dollars. Fearing karmic debt, she gives the money to a homeless woman who buys her a soda to thank her. Phoebe finds a thumb floating in it and the soda people give her seven thousand dollars to keep her quiet. Chandler teaches Joey how to smoke for an audition and winds up getting re-addicted to cigarettes. In the end, Phoebe offers him the seven thousand dollars if he never has another cigarette. He quits smoking.

4. The One With George Stephanopoulos

with: Mary Pat Gleason as Nurse Sizemore
Marianne Hagan as Joanne
Michele Maika as Kiki
Leesa Bryte as Leslie
Sean Whalen as Pizza Guy
Benjamin Caya as Bratty Boy

Joey and Chandler invite Ross to a hockey game for his birthday (which was seven months ago), but all he can think about is his ex-wife, Carol. At the game, Ross' nose gets broken by a flying puck and the guys spend the evening in the emergency room. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to come to terms with her new lifestyle (i.e., poverty and independence) and spends the night talking about guys and life (mostly guys) with Monica and Phoebe.

5. The One With The East German Laundry Detergent

with: Camille Saviola as the Horrible Woman
Kim Gillingham as Angela
Jack Armstrong as Bob
Maggie Wheeler as Janice

Joey's ex, Angela, shows up at the coffee house looking gorgeous, prompting Joey to want her back. She refuses, telling him she is now seeing Bob. Joey arranges a "double date" and gets Monica to go along under the pretense that she is being set up with Angela's "brother" Bob. Monica wises up to the scam during dinner and in the end Joey and Monica break up Angela and Bob. Meanwhile, Chandler and Phoebe make a date to break up with their respective dates at the coffee house. Phoebe is able to dump her guy in twenty seconds but Chandler can't seem to do it. He has too many espressos and finally Phoebe steps in and takes over for him. Ross and Rachel have a laundry date together. Rachel is a laundry virgin and Ross helps her through this first experience.

6. The One With The Butt

with: Sofia Milos as Aurora

Chandler starts dating a beautiful woman, who is not only married but also has another boyfriend. Chandler is thrilled at the prospect of having "all the fun but none of the responsibility," but eventually learns that it's not all it's cracked up to be. And, speaking of cracks, Joey gets cast as Al Pacino's "butt-double," and gets fired for overacting.

7. The One With The Blackout

with: Jill Connick as Jill Goodacre
Larry Hankin as the Weird Man
Cosimo Fusco as Paolo

There is a blackout in New York City and Chandler gets locked in an ATM vestibule with a gorgeous woman (JILL GOODACRE). As hard as he tries to be cool, all the wrong words (and gum) come out. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang converges on Monica's apartment and passes the time playing Monopoly, telling scary stories, and talking about sex. In the midst of their conversations, Ross realizes that he is definitely in the "friend zone" with Rachel -- a terrible place to be, since he was aiming for the "dating zone." Just as Ross decides he is going to go for it with Rachel, a fellow apartment building dweller, Paolo, enters their blackout proceedings and, as the lights come on, Paolo and Rachel are found kissing.

8. The One Where Nana Dies Twice

with: Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Elinor Donahue as Aunt Lilian
Nancy Cassaro as Shelly
Stuart Fratkin as Lowell
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Carolyn Lowery as Andrea
Marilyn Tokuda as Nurse

When Ross and Monica's grandmother dies, they help their parents (ELLIOTT GOULD and CHRISTINA PICKLES) with the funeral arrangements. The whole gang attends the funeral service, each reacting to death in their own way. Meanwhile, a co-worker at Chandler's office wants to set him up, but with another guy. Chandler begins to question his sexual persona.

9. The One Where Underdog Gets Away

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol
Max Wright as Terry
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Lara Harris as Obsession Girl

It's Thanksgiving and at first everyone has plans of their own, except for Phoebe (who never celebrates Thanksgiving in the same place for two years in a row) and Chandler (who doesn't believe in the holiday, ever since his parents announced their divorce on Thanksgiving day years ago). One by one, all of their plans fall through: Joey can't show his face in the old neighborhood after he models for the free clinic and his face gets plastered on VD posters and Monica and Ross' parents announce they are off to Bermuda with another couple. Monica decides to have an old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment. While everyone is busy cooking, Chandler bursts in and tells them that the Underdog Balloon has escaped from the Thanksgiving Day parade and is now floating over New York City. They all go up to the roof to see, and look themselves out of the apartment. Rachel's tickets to Vail sit inside while the turkey and stuffing burn and in the end, it's tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and good friends -- a new holiday tradition. Meanwhile, Ross petitions Carol for "belly time" to establish a prenatal bond with his baby.

10. The One With The Monkey

with: Hank Azaria as David
Vincent Ventresca as Fun Bobby
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Wayne Péré as Max
Sarah Mac Donnell as Sandy

Ross gets a new pet monkey (Marcel), with which he experiences the typical struggles of a new "relationship." In order to avoid having to find dates for New Year's Eve, the gang decides to throw a "dateless" party at Monica's; one by one they all (except Ross) end up bringing dates, each of which turns out badly. Meanwhile, Phoebe falls in love with a physicist named David who must choose between realizing his life's dream of participating in a prestigious research project in Minsk or staying in New York to be with Phoebe.

11. The One With Mrs. Bing

with: Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing
Cosimo Fusco as Paolo
David Sederholm as Coma Guy

Monica and Phoebe start flirting with a really cute guy as he crosses the street. Just as they catch his eye, he gets hit by an ambulance. The guy winds up in a coma and the two girls begin a "relationship" with their cute "coma guy" as he lay in the hospital. Chandler's famous, trashy novelist, party-down, sexy mom comes for a visit and winds up kissing Ross.

12. The One With The Dozen Lasagnas

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Cosimo Fusco as Paolo
Cynthia Mann as Jasmine
Jo Jean Pagano as Customer

Paolo shows up at the massage shop where Phoebe works and he comes on to her while Phoebe gives him a massage. Phoebe doesn't know whether to tell Rachel or not, but after Ross' encouragement (which is extremely self-motivated and self-serving) she tells her. Rachel breaks up with Paolo and announces that she wants nothing to do with men for a long time. Any man -- which obviously includes Ross. Meanwhile, Carol has found out the sex of the baby, but Ross doesn't want to know, despite everyone around him finding out. Rachel ends up slipping the news -- it's a boy. [Previously shot table scenes between Chandler and Joey will be inserted in this episode.] And Monica has made all these lasagnas...

13. The One With The Boobies

with: Robert Costanzo as Joey Tribbiani, Sr.
Lee Garlington as Ronni
Fisher Stevens as Roger
Brenda Vaccaro as Gloria Tribbiani

Chandler accidentally sees Rachel's "boobies" and she decides that she needs to see his "thing" in order to even things out. Meanwhile, Joey finds out his dad has been having an affair with Ronni-the-Pet-Mortician since 1989. Feeling bad for his mom, Joey gets his dad to confess, which really screws things up, since his mom already knew and was happier with the way things were. And Phoebe dates a shrink who drives everyone nuts with his analysis of their personalities and problems.

14. The One With The Candy Hearts

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Heather Medway as Kristen
Nancy Valen as Lorraine
Larry Poindexter as Fireman Dave
Jay Acovone as Fireman Charlie
Joel Gretsch as Fireman Ed
Maggie Wheeler as Janice

Joey convinces Chandler to double date with him and, as Chandler's bad luck would have it, his date turns out to be Janice. Chandler and Janice get drunk and sleep together and when Chandler tries to break up with her yet again, she horrifies him by responding that she's okay with it, because she knows they are each other's "destiny." Meanwhile, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have a "Bad Boyfriend Cleansing Ritual," in which they burn all reminders of their bad ex-boyfriends. The fire gets out of control and three firemen come save the day. Three women, three firemen and dates are made. Little do the women know the guys are all jerks... And Ross and Kristen, his first date in nine years, run into Carol and Susan at a restaurant. When Susan is called away, Ross invites Carol to join them, and the two of them wind up driving Kristen away with their reminiscing.

15. The One With The Stoned Guy

with: Melora Hardin as Celia
Jon Lovitz as Steve
Fritzi Burr as Ms. Tedlock

One of Phoebe's clients, Steve (JON LOVITZ), wants to open a restaurant and is looking for a chef to create the menu. Phoebe gets Monica an "audition," but when the big night arrives, Steve shows up stoned and seems to prefer "munchies" from Monica's cupboards to her gourmet appetizers. And Chandler is hesitant to accept a promotion at his company because that will mean he really just a data processor. Meanwhile, Ross has a date with a woman who wants him to talk dirty to her and he can't.

16. The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 1)

with: Dorien Wilson as Mr. Douglas
Jane Sibbett as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Larry Hankin as Mr. Heckles
Jennifer Grant as Michelle
Michele Lamar Richards as the Lamaze Teacher
Leila Kenzle
Helen Hunt
Patty Tiffany as Woman

Chandler and Joey meet Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula (Lisa Kudrow's role on MAD ABOUT YOU), to whom Phoebe hasn't spoken in years due to their past rivalry. Joey thinks Ursula is "hot," and he asks Phoebe's permission to ask her out. Phoebe gives him the go-ahead at first but then changes her mind. When Ursula decides she's over Joey, she simply stops returning his calls. Meanwhile, Chandler has the hots for a woman at work, Nina, but is told to fire her before he gets a chance to ask her out. Things get out of control when he postpones the "firing part" and gets right to the dating part." Ross, Carol and Susan start LaMaze and Ross freaks out when the concept of "Being a Father" starts to sink in. And Rachel falls off the roof when she is taking the Christmas lights down. Luckily, her foot gets tangled in the wires, so she doesn't hit the ground. (NOTE: Helen Hunt and Leila Kenzle appear as their MAD ABOUT YOU characters, Jamie and Fran.)

17. The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 2)

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Alaine Reed Hall as the Admissions Woman
George Clooney
Noah Wyle

Monica brings Rachel to the hospital but Rachel has no health insurance so, against Monica's better judgement, the two switch identities. When they have a double date with two cute doctors (GEORGE CLOONEY and NOAH WYLE), they must continue the charade and end up getting into a fight. The gang throws Phoebe a party but she is disappointed when she finds out Joey went to meet Ursula instead. When Phoebe learns Ursula stood Joey up, she confronts her sister who admits she doesn't want to date Joey any more and isn't returning his calls. Phoebe dresses up as Ursula and gives Joey an ultimatum: he can choose to go out with her/Ursula or remain friends with Phoebe. He chooses Phoebe, kisses Ursula/Phoebe... then realizes it's Phoebe. And, when Marcel swallows a Scrabble tile, Ross pulls through like any good father would.

18. The One With The Poker

with: Beverly Garland as Aunt Iris

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe convince the guys to teach them to play poker and when they play, the women lose big-time. They demand a rematch and bring in Monica's aunt to teach them a few things. They lose the rematch as well and demand a re-rematch. Meanwhile, Rachel has an interview for her "dream job," a buyer position at Saks. During the final poker rematch (where Rachel and Ross duke it out for really high stakes), she gets the "rejection" phone call prompting Ross to let Rachel win the hand...

19. The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

with: Mitchell Whitfield as Barry
Megan Cavanagh as Luisa
Larry Hankin as Mr. Heckles
Angela Visser as Samantha
Elisabeth Sjoli as Tia

Just as Ross prepares to tell Rachel how he feels about her, he finds out that she lost Marcel while babysitting him that day. When the gang learns of the disappearance, they go on an all-out search. Rachel and Monica are surprised to find a girl they snubbed in high school working for Animal Control, and she is determined to have Marcel destroyed to get back at them. Suddenly it's a life or death situation. The gang finds him first (he's been taken in by their creepy neighbor, Mr. Heckles, who has dressed Marcel up as "Patty," and is pretending it's a different monkey) but the Animal Control woman shows up moments later. Luckily, Rachel is able to convince her look the other way, and Ross gets to keep his monkey. Meanwhile, Ross gets over his anger at Rachel and tries again to express his feelings for her, only to be interrupted by her ex-fiancie, Barry, who tells Rachel he still loves her.

20. The One With The Evil Orthodontist

with: Jennifer Grey as Mindy
Mitchell Whitfield as Barry
Lynn Clark as Danielle
Christopher Miranda as Bobby

Barry (now engaged to Rachel's ex-maid-of-honor, Mindy) is still pursuing Rachel. She goes to his office to put an end to it and winds up having sex with him. When she tells the gang of her slip, Ross gets really mad at her. Mindy comes to see Rachel and asks her to be her maid-of-honor, then confesses that she was with Barry while Rachel was engaged to him. Rachel tells Mindy she just slept with Barry again and they both go to Barry's office to break it off, but Mindy winds up remaining engaged to him -- and Rachel is finally sure she did the right thing by not marrying him. Meanwhile, Chandler has a great first date; he calls the woman the next day and leaves a message, then agonizes when she doesn't call back. Finally she comes by the coffee house and tells him she had his number wrong, but Chandler decides that was the act of a supremely "needy" person and he wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, the gang finds (and sort of befriends) a "peeper" with a telescope who watches not only Ugly Naked Guy, but them as well.

21. The One With The Fake Monica

with: Claudia Shear as Fake Monica
Karla Tamburelli as the Teacher
Harry Shearer as Dr. Baldharar
Philip Rayburn Smith as Actor

Monica's credit card number is stolen and someone is going nuts with it, doing all the things Monica wishes she could do. When Monica finds the woman, she realizes how envious she is of her zest for life. Monica (using the name Monana) joins her in all sorts of crazy adventures -until the credit card people catch up with "fake Monica" and she is arrested. And Marcel is humping everything in sight so Ross takes him to the vet who tells him Marcel has reached sexual maturity and needs "companionship," which means Ross has to give him up. So (in a college-application spoof), they begin to apply to zoos, and barely escape the clutches of an evil man. Marcel is "accepted" at San Diego and the group has to say "goodbye." Meanwhile, Joey tries to find a good stage name.

22. The One With The Ick Factor

with: Stan Kirsch as Ethan
Brian Buckner as Office Worker #2
Darryl Sivad as Office Worker #3

Monica gets involved with a guy she thinks is a college senior, only to find out later that he's a senior in high school. Phoebe fills in as Chandler's assistant and finds out none of his co-workers like him since he got promoted. Ross gets a beeper so he can be alerted when Carol goes into labor, but he keeps getting calls for a male prostitute who has a similar number. And Rachel has sexual dreams about Chandler, and then Joey and Chandler, and Ross is jealous... until she calls out his name while she sleeps. At the same moment, his beeper goes off for real, and the whole gang rushes off to the hospital.

23. The One With The Birth

with: Jonathan Silverman as Dr. Franzblau
Jane Sibbett as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Leah Remini as Lydia
June Gable as Nurse
Carlo Imperato as Roy
Jackie Bright as The Janitor

Carol is having the baby and the childish competition between Ross and Susan is fierce -until Carol can't stand it anymore and throws them out. They wind up locked in a janitor's closet with Phoebe and almost miss the birth. Meanwhile, Joey overcomes his squeamishness when he befriends a single mother-to-be and stands by her while she gives birth. Rachel takes a liking to Carol's obstetrician and Monica has major maternal pangs. When Carol finally has the baby, everyone is overwhelmed by the miracle.

24. The One Where Rachel Finds Out

with: Lauren Tom as Julie
Corinne Bohrer as Melanie
Tommy Blaze as Carl
Kerrie Klark as Flight Representative

Ross has to make an emergency trip to China for the museum but, before he goes, he leaves Rachel's birthday present with Chandler. When she is overwhelmed by it, Chandler lets it slip that when Ross fell in love with Carol, he bought her something extravagant, too, and voila, Rachel finds out how Ross feels about her. Still uncertain how she feels about him, she tries to catch Ross at the airport, but arrives after he has boarded the plane. She tries to get a message to him but, unbeknownst to Rachel, it gets delivered to the wrong guy. Then, Rachel starts to wonder if getting together with Ross is such a great idea after all. on the one hand, Ross really " a great guy. on the other hand, what would things be like if they broke up? She finally decides to go for it, and goes to the airport to meet Ross when he returns from China. But he gets off the plane with his new girlfriend, Julie. (The episode, and the season, ends before Rachel sees them.) Meanwhile, Joey is participating in a fertility study which cramps his style with his new woman until he learns that he can simply "be there for her."