Friends, Season 3

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1. The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy

with: Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller

Monica is distraught after her break-up with Richard. Phoebe unsuccessfully tries to raise her spirits, but ultimately it's Mr. Geller who comforts his daughter. Chandler and Janice begin seeing each other again and Joey can't stand it. The two plan a "day of fun" to try and overcome Joey's aversions, resulting in Joey's tolerance of Janice--for Chandler's sake. Rachel tells the women about a fantasy of Ross' involving Princess Leia.

2. The One Where No One's Ready

with: Peter Dennis as Sherman Whitfield

Ross invites the friends to join him at a banquet where he's being honored, but when it's time to leave none of them are ready. Chandler and Joey fight over a chair, which escalates into a fight over their clothes. Joey spills food on Phoebe's outfit. Monica hears an old message on her machine from Richard and thinks he wants to get back together. She flips out and leaves a desperate message on Richard's machine, and when she tries to erase it, makes matters worse. Rachel takes forever to get ready, making Ross very upset.

3. The One With The Jam

with: David Arquette as Malcolm
Maggie Wheeler as Janice

Monica decides the best way to get over Richard is to keep herself busy. She develops a "jam plan," -- hoping the distraction of cooking will divert her attention. After making jars and jars of jam Monica decides she still wants to have a baby. So she begins searching for a sperm donor, where she comes across Joey's file. Phoebe is mistakenly stalked by a man who thinks she's Ursula. The two date until, fearing that he still likes Ursula, Phoebe begins stalking her stalker. Chandler gets advice from Ross on how to avoid cuddling in bed and sparks a tiff between Ross and Rachel.

4. The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Charlie & Jack Allen as Ben
Edo Azran as Young Ross
Sierra Dawn Hill as Young Monica

Phoebe forgets to tell Joey about an audition but makes up for it by calling the casting director and pretending to be an agent; She's so good at it that Joey asks her to represent him full time. Phoebe tries it, but can't handle the amount of rejection Joey receives. Ross cannot accept that Ben enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and pushes masculine toys onto him. Chandler's fear of commitment may cause Janice to leave him. Rachel and Monica convince him to pass through the metaphorical tunnel towards commitment. Chandler does just that, but to an extreme and he scares Janice away. Rachel and Monica welcome Chandler, who's now alone, to their side of the tunnel. Chandler then calls Janice and confesses his true feelings. All is forgiven.

5. The One With Frank Jr.

with: Isabella Rossellini as Herself
Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Cynthia Mann as Jasmine

Feeling handy, Joey builds and entertainment center for his apartment with questionable success. Monica then recruits him to fix her bathroom floor, a project Joey's not quite able to accomplish. The friends come up with a "freebie list"-- a list of celebrities each would sleep with, given the opportunity, regardless of being in a relationship. Ross then runs in to an actress on his list and he awkwardly attempts to pick her up. Phoebe spends time with her half-brother, Frank, who mistakenly thinks Phoebe is a prostitute.

6. The One With The Flashback

with: Larry Hankin as Mr. Heckles
John Lehr as Eric
Michele Maika as Kiki
Marissa Ribisi as Betsy
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Christy L. Medrano as Waitress

The gang has a flashback to three years ago (one year before the pilot was supposed to have happened) where we see how everyone's lives were beginning to come together. Phoebe is moving out of Monica's apartment because Monica's too anal retentive. Chandler is searching for a new roommate, who ends up being Joey. Joey soon hits on Monica. Monica bumps into Rachel, whom Chandler has just tried to pick up, at their favorite bar--which we learn is about to become a coffee shop--and Rachel speaks of her recent engagement. And Ross learns that Carol is really a lesbian. Ross is devastated, and Phoebe tries to help. The two end up in a passionate kiss, but the moment is broken when the other friends show up.

7. The One With The Race Car Bed

with: Ron Leibman as Dr. Leonard Green
Khalil Kain as Cal
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Mark Cohen as Mattress King
Rosey Brown as Delivery Guy
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Simon Harvey as Jester
Shashi Bhatia as Acting Student #1
Steven Harad as Acting Student #2

Monica buys a bed from a store run by Janice's ex-husband. The store mistakenly delivers the wrong bed -- a children's race car bed--and Phoebe signs for it. Monica goes to the store with Joey and the two catch Janice kissing her ex-husband. Ross has dinner with Rachel and her father, but commits a foux-pas when he tries to augment Dr. Green's incredibly small tip. He and Dr. Green make up when the two discover they have a common interest--nagging Rachel. Joey teaches an acting class for soap operas, but soon has a conflict when he and a student are up for the same role.

8. The One With The Giant Poking Device

with: James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Charlie & Jack Allen as Ben

Joey tells Chandler that Janice is back with her husband. Chandler wants to confront Janice but Joey tells him he should bow out and let Janice try to make things work with her husband (and their child). Chandler speaks with Janice, tells her to go back to her husband, then begs her to stay with him. Ultimately, Janice returns to her husband. Rachel and Monica have to take care of Ben and Monica accidentally bangs Ben's head on the ceiling. They try to hide it from Ross, but he manages to find out. Phoebe won't see a dentist because she's convinced people die when she does. The friends convince her that she's being silly. She goes, and the friends notice that Ugly Naked Guy has been awfully still on his hammock. Phoebe's convinced he's dead. They construct a giant poking device out of chop sticks to prod him and see if he's alive. He is, and they wake him up.

9. The One With The Football

with: Susanna Voltaire as Margha

The friends decided to play football. Ross and Monica compete for "the Geller Cup." Joey and Chandler notice Dutch woman in the park. Joey tells Chandler that he'll let Chandler have her since he's just broken up with Janice. Chandler demands that he can win her fair and square, and the two compete for the woman. Rachel feels left out when Ross won't throw a pass to her.

10. The One Where Rachel Quits

with: Mae Whitman as Sarah
Shelley Berman as Mr. Kaplan, Jr.
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Kyla Pratt as Charla Nichols
Romy Rosemont as Troop Leader
Sandra Gould as Old Woman
Gene Crane as Christmas Tree Customer

When Gunther has to re-train Rachel on her duties as a waitress, Rachel realizes it's time to quit. The guys encourage her quit even though she doesn't have another job lined up, saying she'll need "the fear" of not having a job to make her find a new one. Rachel quits and panics when she can't find a job. Joey tells Rachel of a secretarial position in fashion, but when Rachel gets the job it's no better than her last one. She's still making coffee, only this time for an executive in the fashion industry. Ross accidentally breaks the leg of a girl scout selling cookies. Feeling guilty, he tries to help by selling her cookies. Joey has a job at a Christmas tree lot and Phoebe is horrified to learn that they destroy the trees that don't sell. In her eyes all Christmas trees have a mission, to spread Christmas cheer--destroying them before they fulfill that mission is cruel. To cheer Phoebe up the gang fills Monica's apartment with old Christmas trees that haven't been sold.

11. The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister

with: Steven Eckholdt as Mark
Shelley Berman as Mr. Kaplan, Jr.
Mimi Lieber as Mary Theresa
Alex Meneses as Cookie
Penny Santon as Nonna
K.J. Steinberg as Gina
Lisa Melilli as Dina

There's a birthday party for Joey. Chandler, still getting over Janice, gets very drunk and makes out with one of Joey's sisters. However, after sobering up, Chandler can't remember which sister it was. Joey is excited because this sister has told him all about kissing Chandler, and how she thinks the two have a future. Chandler hides his memory loss from Joey, but the truth comes out when Chandler has dinner at the Tribianni's with Joey and all of his sisters and Chandler doesn't recognize the sister in question. Rachel complains about her new job to Monica when an unknown man, Mark, overhears the conversation. Mark tells her about a job opening at Bloomingdales. This makes Ross very jealous. Rachel's convinced Mark's just a nice guy, while Ross suspects that Mark has other motives. Rachel gets the job. Phoebe dates a Monica's noisy upstairs neighbor.

12. The One With All The Jealousy

with: Steven Eckholdt as Mark
Obba Babatunde as The Director
Carlos Gomez as Julio
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Wendy Schall as Jeannine
Hillary Matthews as Nancy

It's Rachel's first day on the job and she works in the same office as Mark. Ross' jealousy increases. Ross sends her a musical telegram to congratulate her on her first day--and to remind the office that she has a boyfriend. Rachel gets upset with Ross' insecurity. Chandler throws a bachelor party for his cousin. At the party Ross hits it off with the stripper because she's a single parent as well. The two set up a "play date' for their children to get together. Now it's Rachel who's extremely jealous. Joey lies on his resume when he auditions for a Broadway musical. His resume is so impressive that the casting director lets Joey run the audition and it's obvious that Joey can neither sing nor dance. Monica dates a buss boy from the diner who writes poetry. He writes Monica a poem that charms her, but upon examination, Phoebe and Chandler discover that the poem is anything but flattering. Monica dumps the bus boy.

13. The One Where Monica And Richard Are Friends

with: Tom Selleck as Dr. Richard Burke
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Markus Flanagan as Robert
Gina Hecht as Richard's Date
Steven Harad as Clerk

Monica bumps into Richard in a video store. After catching up the two decide to work on their friendship. However, the more time they spend together, the more sexual their relationship becomes. Unable to just "be friends" the two go their separate ways. Phoebe dates a guy who wears shorts that are too revealing. Joey and Rachel agree to read each other's books. Joey reads "Little Women" while Rachel reads "The Shining." Joey can't make it through "Little Women"-- it's too sad and makes him cry.

14. The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner

with: Sherilyn Fenn as Ginger
Steven Eckholdt as Mark
E.G. Daily as Leslie
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

Phoebe's former songwriting partner performs at Central Perk. She wants to re-unite with Phoebe but she wants none of it. Phoebe's still hurt that her partner left to write commercial jingles. They work out their differences and reunite. The relationship doesn't last long when a kitty litter company uses "Smelly Cat" as a commercial jingle. Chandler dates a woman he met at Central Perk. It turns out that Joey dated the same woman years ago. Joey has not been able to face her since their split because she had a wooden leg and, when the two were staying at a cabin, mistakenly threw the wooden leg into the fire. Chandler is first freaked out by this but decides that her wooden leg isn't all that creepy. He tells her that he knows of the artificial limb and is fine with it. He then makes a confession of his own: he has a third nipple. She's totally grossed out by this and dumps Chandler. Ross becomes more insecure about Mark's relationship with Rachel.

15. The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break

with: Steven Eckholdt as Mark
Stephen Kearney as Mischa
Jim Pirri as Sergei
Angela Featherstone as Chloe
Laura Dean as Sophie
Maury Ginsberg as Isaac

Rachel's job prevents her from celebrating her anniversary with Ross. Wanting more time to focus on her new job, she suggests the two take a break from their relationship. Joey and Chandler take Ross out to cheer him up. Convinced that Rachel has dumped him for a co-worker, Ross hooks up with a woman from the copy shop that Joey and Chandler have been after. Phoebe dates a diplomat who speaks no English. She convinces Monica to go out with them so the translator will have a date. When Monica and the translator hit it off Phoebe's chemistry with the diplomat comes to a halt because the two are unable to communicate.

16. The One The Morning After

with: Angela Featherstone as Chloe
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Maury Ginsberg as Isaac
Cynthia Mann as Jasmine

Ross has slept with Cloe, the woman from the copy shop. He wakes up and hears a message Rachel left for him on his answering machine. Rachel says she wants to make up and is coming over in the morning to make up, forcing Ross to hide Cloe from Rachel. Joey and Chandler then tell Ross about "the trail." The trail of people linking Cloe to Rachel. Ross frantically chases the trail, trying to hide his night with Cloe from Rachel but he's too late. Gunther has told Rachel. The two spend the night arguing in Monica and Rachel's apartment while the rest of the friends are trapped in Monica's room--they're too afraid to go in the living room while Ross and Rachel are fighting. Monica and Phoebe have ordered a body wax product they've seen on an infomercial that promised pain-free hair removal. The product causes incredible pain, however, and they put some on Joey's arm when he doesn't believe them. Rachel decides that she and Ross need to break up.

17. The One Without The Ski Trip

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol

Ross and Rachel have been fighting for the group's attention since the break up. Ross has purchased a home entertainment center. Rachel invites everyone (except Ross) to her family cabin in the mountains. Chandler starts smoking again as a result of the break-up, just as he started when his parents got a divorce. As they make their way to the cabin, the car runs out of gas. Everyone wants to call Ross for help, but Rachel won't let them. Phoebe ultimately reaches Ross, who's spending time with Carol and Susan since he feels his friends have abandoned him, and he comes to their rescue. Ross and Rachel decided to be civil around each other.

18. The One With The Hypnosis Tape

with: Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Jeffery D. Brooks as Trent

Phoebe's half-brother, Frank, announces that he's getting married--to his high school home economics teacher who's twice is age. Phoebe wants to tell Frank not to do it, but fears Frank will hate her for it, so she asks Joey and Ross to help. They try to dissuade Frank but he convinces them that marriage is a good thing. Wanting to stop her brother from getting married so young, she has a talk with his teacher/fiancee and convinces her to call off the wedding. A customer the diner asks Monica for a date. To get her attention he leaves a check for $20,000 as a tip. Thinking it's a joke she shows it to the group, but Chandler recognizes the name on the check, Pete Becker. Pete is a software wizard whols company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Monica's offended. Knowing Pete is a millionaire, Rachel becomes a little too excited for Monica. Monica confronts Pete, who says he left the check because he wanted to get her attention, not buy her affection. She agrees to go out with Pete for pizza, and he takes her to a great place he knows ... in Italy. Rachel gives Chandler a hypnosis tape to help him stop smoking, but the tape is designed for women and as Chandler quits smoking he becomes more and more feminine.

19. The One With The Tiny T-Shirt

with: Steven Eckholdt as Mark
Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
Dina Meyer as Kate
Reg Rogers as The Director
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Ethel Ayler as Hospital Administrator

Rachel asks Ross to come over. He thinks she wants to talk but she just wants to give him back all of his stuff she happens to have. Hurt, Ross notices that something is missing, a tiny T-shirt of his that Rachel likes to sleep in. Rachel thought she could keep it because it's too small for Ross, but Ross insists on giving the shirt back. He later tries to wear it and it couldn't be any smaller on him. Later, Mark admits that he has a crush on Rachel and asks her out. Ross bumps into them as they leave for their date and spends the rest of the evening trying to spy on them from Chandler's peep-hole. When Rachel brings Mark back into her apartment she tells him that the time isn't right and she's not ready to see another man. Later Rachel finds a box of her things that Ross had dropped off at the apartment. Included in the box is the tiny T-shirt Rachel loved so much. Monica sees Pete again, and while she thinks he's the nicest guy she just isn't attracted to him. Each time they go out she finds a new way not to kiss him. Joey has a part in a play and cannot get along with the female lead, Kate, because he's terribly attracted to her.

20. The One With The Doll House

with: Alison LaPlaca as Joanna
Dina Meyer as Kate
Reg Rogers as The Director
Jennifer Milmore as Lauren
Laura Dean as Sophie

Ross and Monica's Aunt Silvia passes away and leaves a beautiful dollhouse to Monica. Monica invites Phoebe to play with it but then doesn't like Phoebe's ideas and won't let her touch it. Hurt, Phoebe makes her own dollhouse, with slides and an incense room. But the incense room causes a fire and the house burns down. Joey pines for Kate, who is dating the director of their show. Since he can't have Kate he sleeps with her understudy. Then during rehearsal things heat up between Joey and Kate, who's been attracted to Joey all along, and the two sleep together. But Joey is crushed when Kate pretends nothing has happened and returns to her boyfriend. Rachel sets Chandler up with her boss, who is crazy about him. Chandler, meanwhile, thinks she's a bore, but tells her he'll call because that what he says to women even if he doesn't mean it. Rachel's boss drives Rachel crazy talking about Chandler and Rachel forces him to tell her the truth.

21. The One With A Chick & A Duck

with: Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

Pete buys a restaurant and asks Monica if she'll be his chef. He assures her that he's not trying to win her over. Phoebe sees through him and tells Pete she thinks he's doing it to win Monica over. Pete confesses but makes Phoebe promise not to tell. Not wanting to break her promise, Phoebe gives Monica hints, but she can't decipher Phoebe's clues. Pete shows Monica the restaurant where he comes on to her again. Monica tells him that she can't accept the job because she doesn't want to hurt Pete. She gives Pete a good-bye kiss and Pete answers with a more passionate kiss. Floored by this, Monica sees something in Pete that she hadn't seen before and the two kiss even longer. Ross has an opportunity to be on the Discovery channel but blows it off so he can help Rachel, who injured herself in Monica's diner and needs to be taken to the hospital. After seeing a news story on chicks as terrible Easter presents, Joey decides to purchase one. The chick causes Joey and Chandler to fight like a married couple, so Chandler attempts to return the bird. At the store Chandler learns that baby chicks without homes are put to sleep, just like other animals. Chandler not only doesn't give the chick back, he rescues a duck from a similar fate by adopting it.

22. The One With The Screamer

with: Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
Dina Meyer as Kate
Reg Rogers as The Director
June Gable as Estelle Leonard
Jennifer Milmore as Lauren
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Ben Stiller as Tommy
Laura Cayouette as Cailin
Jeffery D. Brooks as Stage Manager

It's opening night of Joey's play and all the friends are going. When Rachel learns that Ross is bringing a date she rushes to find one. At the theater, everyone excuses themselves to the rest room leaving Ross alone with Rachel's date, Tommy. Tommy then berates an older couple for sitting in the wrong seat. Ross tries to tell everyone about Tommy's temper but they don't believe him. The show gets a terrible review and the director is destroyed. He denounces the actors and breaks up with Kate. Joey comforts Kate and the two have a wonderful evening together. Joey's in heaven, but when he returns to the theater Kate isn't there. Joey learns that Kate has landed a part on a soap opera and is moving to Los Angeles. Kate shows up for a quick good-bye and leaves Joey heartbroken. Tommy screams at Ross again when he almost spills coffee on him outside the coffee house; however, the rest of the friends were inside and didn't see a thing. No one believes Ross until they catch Tommy, thinking he's alone in Chandler's apartment, yelling at the chick for relieving himself on Tommy's hand. Phoebe misses Joey's performance because she's stuck on what she believes is a toll-free customer service line that provides no service and ends up being a long-distance call to Utah.

23. The One With Ross's Thing

with: Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
Kevin McDonald as Guru Saj
Matt Battaglia as Vince
Robert Gant as Jason
Richard Gant as Rhodes
Carole Goldman as Woman
Doug Looper as Fireman

Ross has something on his backside, what it is he isn't sure. He goes to doctor but instead of removing it the doctor brings in a fleet of inters to examine Ross' posterior because it appears to be a medical first. Willing to do anything to have it removed, Ross sees an herbalist Phoebe recommends. The herbalist removes it, accidentally by brushing over it with his watch. Phoebe can't choose between two boyfriends, a fireman and a teacher. All three mistakenly meet in the coffee house where, attempting to appease each Phoebe looses both suitors. After learning that Pete has bought a "ring," Monica is convinced he's going to propose to her. Instead, Pete purchased a fighting ring and has decided that he wants to become an Ultimate Fighter.

24. The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion

with: Billy Crystal
Robin Williams
Jon Favreau as Pete Becker
James Hong as Hoshi
Christine Taylor as Bonnie
Sam McMurray as Doug
Steve Park as Phil
Joe O'Connor as Stevens
John McCarthy as Referee
Bruce Buffer as Announcer

Intent on becoming an Ultimate Fighting Champion, Pete has begun his training. Monica goes to his first match, and watches Pete get destroyed. She has her concerns but Pete tells her that he's determined to succeed and hopes she believes in him. She sticks with Pete, and at his next match he's bludgeoned even worse than before. Monica visits Pete in the hospital and begs Pete to quit fighting. He won't, so Monica breaks up with him. She can't stand watching him get beaten another time. Phoebe sets Ross up with her once-bald friend Bonnie. But when the attractive Bonnie shows up with a full head of hair Rachel becomes jealous. Chandler's is disturbed when his boss repeatedly pats him on the butt after doing a good job.

25. The One At The Beach

with: Christine Taylor as Bonnie
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Teri Garr as Phoebe Sr.

Phoebe discovers that the woman she is named after lives at a nearby beach. The friends go with Phoebe to the beach, staying at a house owned by one of Phoebe's clients. The beach house is filled with sand, as its owner has never repaired it after the floods, giving the group nothing to do. Ross and Rachel constantly flirt during the trip. Joey insists on playing strip poker, but no one has cards. Using what they have in the house, they play the Happy Days game, but with strip poker rules. The group gangs up on Joey, making him the only one who strips. Bonnie, the woman Ross has been seeing, shows up, making Rachel uncomfortable. Phoebe speaks with the woman she's named after, and after their meeting is convinced the woman is hiding something. Phoebe breaks into her home to snoop and is discovered. Phoebe Sr. comes clean--she wasn't a friend of Phoebe's mother as she earlier explained, she's Phoebe's real mother. Meanwhile, Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her-head again. Now Ross couldn't be less attracted to her. He asks Rachel why she would do such a thing and she admits to still being in love with Ross. They have a short kiss before they're interrupted by Chandler and Joey. Rachel goes to bed. Bonnie then shows up and tells Ross she's going to bed. Ross enters a bedroom--but who's bedroom? Chandler teases Monica because she claims Chandler isn't "boyfriend material".